Temporary measures in place for broken sewer pipe under Shilshole Bay

Seattle Public Utilities have temporary measures in place to deal with a sewer force main pipe break underneath Shilshole Bay west of the Ballard Locks. SPU confirmed the pipe was leaking under water with a dye test on Sept. 13, and in order to protect public health, has distributed beach closure door hangers to waterfront businesses and homes near the affected area. The department has also posted beach closure signs nearby, and has contacted local fishers.

As a temporary solution, SPU has placed two tanks near a pump station at the 5600/5700 block of Seaview Ave NW to divert sewage before it reaches the broken sewer pipe. The tanks hold sewage until a vactor truck removes it to another location and dumps the sewage into a maintenance hole, according to SPU.

Homes and businesses will continue to receive normal sewer services during this time, but SPU says residents can expect the following impacts:

  • Increased traffic and noise
  • Reduced parking for 100 to 150 feet on the gravel roadway adjacent to Seaview Ave NW
  • Noise from pump station, pumps, trucks and equipment
  • Frequent vactor truck trips (5-12 per day, possibly more during wet weather)
  • Crews and equipment on site 24-hours a day
  • Partial blocking of the Burke Gilman Trail

SPU says there’s currently no information about a permanent fix for the broken sewer pipe; we’ll update with any new information.

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