Ballard film students nominated for National Student Production Awards

The Ballard High School film production team has been nominated for four National Student Production Awards from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS). They were selected from 1,500 entries produced by students across the country, and the results will be announced today (Tuesday) at noon on a live stream from the Los Angeles campus of Emerson College, hosted by television personality Tom Bergeron, star and host of AVC’s Dancing with the Stars.

9066 (documentary) from Ballard HS Digital Film Program on Vimeo.

From BHS:

Nominated for best Long Form Non-Fiction is 9066, a documentary about the internment of US citizens of Japanese ancestry during WWII by Maya Konz, Bailey Wall, Kajsa Woolford and Nolan Baker.  Nominated for best Short-Form Fiction, best Writer, and best Audio/Sound is Comeback by Skala Leake, Aaron Miller, Cameron Miller & Avery Davis. Comeback is a story of a soccer player coping with a life-altering setback.  The nominated productions can be viewed on the BHS Digital Filmmaking Program’s vimeo page




2 thoughts to “Ballard film students nominated for National Student Production Awards”

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