Bike-sharing in a tangle on Ballard Ave.

Ballard resident Thomas Brew was walking along Ballard Ave. near the Olympic Athletic Club when he saw this:

He quipped on Twitter, “Seattle’s bike-sharing program is going well in Ballard.” (Thanks Tom for letting us post the photo!)

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3 thoughts to “Bike-sharing in a tangle on Ballard Ave.”

  1. Disgusting that people that use these bikes are so careless with them. Don’t they have respect for bikes that are there for them to use?

  2. I doubt it was the users who did this particular mess, more like some inebriated pranksters. I’ve also seen one without a seat, several turned upside down and dozens just tossed around like careless children had left them. It’s the downside of not having to lock them into a designated stand.

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