Ballard High’s documentary for IMAX gets big screen premiere

Back in June, Ballard High’s short documentary, On the Backs of Salmon, was released by IMAX online. This Thursday evening, the documentary premieres on the big screen at Seattle’s Pacific Science Center IMAX theater.

“Can you believe it?” said the Ballard High film program’s Matt Lawrence. “My students are walking on air.”

On the Backs of Salmon tells the story behind the largest dam removal in world history – the Elwha on the Olympic Peninsula. Ballard was one of five high school filmmaking programs to be selected by IMAX and the United Nations to win a $5,000 grant to product the documentary.

Thursday’s screening will be shown at a private, members-only event, but IMAX reserved 75 seats for the Ballard filmmakers “and their entourage.”

Lawrence said one of his students explains the premiere this way: “Film doesn’t get any bigger than IMAX!”

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  1. A huge Congratulations to Ballard Film students. What an awesome accomplishment! Is there any way the fillm can be shown in something other than IMAX? I work for NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries, Office of Habitat Conservation, located in Silver Spring, MD. I coordinate programs for NOAA Fisheries hosting speakers, and documentary films, relevant to our work. NOAA participated in the Elwha Dam removal and conservation of salmon. Is there any way I could receive a copy of the film to show to NOAA employees? We would not have the capability to show this in IMAX film. Is it available in another format?

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