Anthony Bourdain visits Ocho, Revel for Sunday episode of ‘Parts Unknown’

“Parts Unknown” host Anthony Bourdain was back in Seattle for a new episode airing this Sunday night on CNN.

Among other stops, he visited Ocho in Ballard and Revel in Fremont, according to the Seattle Times. He also smoked some weed and mused about Northwest serial killers. He even drank a Rainier. But hey, it’s TV.

“I love Seattle. I’ve had many happy experiences there,” Bourdain writes. “It was a foodie town long before the word foodie existed and will be when that loathsome term is long dead and buried. Demographically speaking, it’s a town that likes talking about food, eating food, reading about food—and, in my case, stories about people who make food.”

There’s a blatantly Seattle-targeted promo clip here.

The show airs this Sunday at 9 pm.

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