Shilshole Bay Marina to get an upgrade

Updated: The Port of Seattle has approved $12 million in funding to upgrade the restrooms and re-pave the parking lot at Shilshole Bay Marina.

The project includes creating three new sustainable buildings: two large facilities with restrooms, shower and laundry will be located at the south and central areas of the marina, and a smaller restroom and shower building will be located at the north end. Two of the existing structures will be repurposed into storage, and the other two will be torn down.

Here’s the map showing the new locations:

The building’s sustainable features include radiant heated floors, water saving fixtures, stormwater management and rooftop photovoltaic panel arrays on the two larger buildings. The solar panels will save an estimated 70% of the restrooms’ electrical use.

Construction is slated to begin next summer.

Steve reminds us in comments that Duke’s Chowder House is coming to Shilshole Marina in 2019, just 30 feet away from the water.

Here’s an early sketch. “It’s a dreamy spot,” founder Duke Moscrip told Eater back in May. “There aren’t many like it in the world. We hit a home run.”

Geeky Swedes

The founders of My Ballard

6 thoughts to “Shilshole Bay Marina to get an upgrade”

  1. Dukes should be a decent option, especially since we haven’t had anything there for such a long time. But I miss b’fast at Charlie’s. My late mom liked to go there when she visited. And the odorific dive bar across the hall seemed to have a devoted clientele. Just too stinky for those who never smoked…

  2. There is still nothing to do at Shilshole anymore unless you own a boat moored there. Duke’s would help replace Anthony’s unless it costs as much as Ray’s, in which case Shilshole will just remain a place for the rich elite.

  3. How a few bathrooms can cost $12 million is a question someone should look into. I’m glad they are making room for a restaurant…that was supposed to be part of the original building, but other area restaurants opposed it. What the marina should consider is partnering with a developer to build some market-rate housing. They could rake in millions from such housing and use it to build affordable housing elsewhere.

  4. Well, since I don’t have a key card, when I’m taking a stroll along the marina I don’t get to use the existing restrooms that these facilities are replacing, even during the day. They are only open to marina renters. I guess making the buildings more environmentally friendly is worth celebrating – and the restrooms in the main building in the center of the marina ARE open to the public. Still, it is sometimes pretty irritating at 7pm on a summer evening not being able to access any of the multiple restrooms on the full mile of the marina frontage.

    Are heated floors necessary to get people to lease the moorings there? Is there a market glut of moorings in Seattle?

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