A few brave Ballardites take the plunge

It wasn’t like years past. There were no big crowds, just small groups of people braving the cold.

But the annual polar bear plunge did take place at Golden Gardens on New Year’s morning.

(Click the image to play video:)

Small groups of people materialized, shed some clothes and jumped into the Sound. Later in the day — which is also a neighborhood tradition — some families burned their Christmas trees.

Some fires were bigger than others…

Some readers have asked why there weren’t any advance details about the plunge, which contributed to the low turnout. But unlike previous years, it appears there was no official organizer.

There is, however, a polar plunge scheduled at Golden Gardens for February 3rd to raise money for Special Olympics. There’s a $10 registration fee.

Perhaps next year someone will volunteer to organize the traditional New Years event — or we’ll just pick a time and publicize it on My Ballard and see what happens. Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. Not sure what time ginabroze went, but we were there at 11:00 and there were lots (and lots) of us who took the plunge. If not officially organized by someone, rest assured that 11:00am on 1/1/19 we’ll be there again!

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