Market St. property that’s home to Twice Sold Tales is sold

Update: King County records show the buyer is SF-based Carmel Partners.

Earlier: A big parcel on Market St. to the west of 24th Ave. has sold to a “multifamily developer” for $11.75 million, reports the Daily Journal of Commerce.

The property is the home of Twice Sold Tales, which moved there just over a year ago. Ballard Transfer Company, Healthy Nails salon and Lundgren Enterprises are also located there.

The real estate listing notes the property’s prime and “truly exceptional” location on the south side of Market St., just up from Salmon Bay. The parcel spans 28,334 square feet — over a half acre. In this aerial view, the property is between Market and 54th St. behind it:

The listing also points out that the tenants have “demolition clauses in the leases.”

“As long as they don’t tear down the building, I’m here for the length of my lease, which is for 4 years,” said Twice Sold Tales owner John Watkins when we called him. “I sure hope that they maintain the building and continue with what they’ve got.”

He said he’s delighted with the space, which is larger and more accessible than his previous spot next to Bauhaus Coffee at the corner of Market and 20th Ave. He added, “Moving the bookstore is a difficult and painful experience.”

There’s no word on the plans or timeline of the new owners.

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8 thoughts to “Market St. property that’s home to Twice Sold Tales is sold”

  1. Oh dear, multi-family developers don’t spend north of 11 million just to “maintain the building and continue with what they’ve got”. Those occupying businesses need to pivot to plan B as quickly as they can. Demolition clauses usually mean a 6 month notice, right?

  2. I never even knew that bookstore was there. Also saw they were only open 12 – 7pm which seems very limited.

    Really that stretch has long needed some development. It’s way too precious a piece of land to have a ‘transfer company’ and an ‘enterprise’ in our walkable community.

    It’s pretty funny that those commenters above are angry or sad about such improvements

  3. This is a great area for apartment housing. Tons of buses and walkable to every amenity Ballard has. A dumpy one story building with three storefronts is just not a good use of this land. Yes it’s too bad about the bookstore. They should move into that vacant space across from Picolino’s… :)

  4. “They should move into that vacant space across from Picolino’s.”
    They probably couldn’t afford it. The barbershop closed, & Walter isn’t happy either.

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