Vacant house demolished on 17th Ave. to make room for apartment building

Demolition crews tore down the large brown house at the corner of 56th St. and 17th Ave. today to make room for a new 7-story apartment complex.

The new apartments will feature 85 small efficiency dwelling units (called SEDUs), ground level retail and bike parking. No car parking is proposed (see our earlier story on the proposed “parking flexibility areas” in Ballard and Crown Hill.)

It’s right across the street from the new Valdok development and next door to the Keelson.

“The project aims to create a strong urban edge and a marker at the corner for people traveling in Ballard,” explains Greenbuild Development.

(Thank you Silver for the photo!)

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6 thoughts to “Vacant house demolished on 17th Ave. to make room for apartment building”

  1. This building was never a house; it was an office building, built for the Rutledges in the 1980’s to look somewhat like a residence, the better to fit in with all the houses that surrounded it in the neighborhood. Those are all gone now.

  2. This is terrible news. Thanks for the update. All new residents need to sign a waiver that they will never own a car if they live here. Their bicycles should be registered and taxed as well. AND Lyin’ Mike O’Brien, along with the rest of the council, should be banned from using a car for life.

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