Stabbing on Market St. sparked over a cigarette

Several readers asked us for details about last Sunday afternoon’s stabbing on a busy sidewalk in the 2200 block of Market St. We now have the police report, and it explains the stabbing originated over an argument about a cigarette.

Bicycle officers were flagged down by eyewitnesses who saw two men fighting near Market St. Shoes and Pie Bar. “Officers immediately crossed the street and discovered the victim was bleeding heavily from several stab wounds,” the report stated. “The assailant, who was standing nearby and appeared calm, was holding a small folding knife in his right hand. The knife blade was closed.”

The suspect told police that he was waiting for the bus when the victim approached him — someone he said he didn’t know — and asked for a cigarette. When he told the suspect no, he said the victim began to punch him. That’s when the suspect stabbed him, the police report said. The victim refused to answer officers’ questions, and he was taken to the hospital.

A witness told police it looked like a “slow motion pushing match on the sidewalk which led the witness to believe both were intoxicated.”

The suspect was arrested for investigation of assault. There’s no word on the victim’s condition, although his stab wounds did not appear to be life-threatening.

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19 thoughts to “Stabbing on Market St. sparked over a cigarette”

  1. I’m shocked, SHOCKED that inebriates are hanging out on Market Street. Thanks Mike O’Brien and SPD for your dedication to keeping Ballard safe for all.

  2. more fun and hijinx from our wonderful neighbors! thanks st lukes, urban rest stop, city council – you guys are the best!

    instead of running a campaign on “a chicken in every pot” its become, “i promise a bum camp in every neighborhood!”

  3. @Guesty: You’re truly doing god’s work, griping about a homeless problem on a neighborhood blog comment section! It’s making such a difference!

  4. Truth! There’s a direct challenge to your “Homeless are all saints so Ballard needs to roll over and take it!” narrative! Danger! Danger! DEFLECT! DEFLECT!

  5. @truth – nope, i most certainly am not doing anything about the street urchins that plague the area – except pay more taxes every year for the services that few of these hardcore campers will accept.

    should i go down to commons park, scoop up a bunch of these lovely fellas and bring ’em home? buy them a condo? that’s what you do, right?

  6. City of Seattle Crime Response Steps:

    1) talk nonstop about phony “privilege” and “male violence” (manspreading, microaggressions, bad jokes) and ignore the 5000-1 ratio of regular crimes vs hate crimes. Emphasize the first and downplay the second. You don’t disagree do you, Bigot?

    2) make excuses for actual male violence (junkie hobo murders, drive-by’s, home invasions, carjackings/auto theft, random psycho attacks, etc). It’s capitalism, income inequality, not enough diversity on lousy tv shows and kids movies, etc. You don’t disagree do you, Bigot?

    3) blame “Nimby” taxpayers and business owners not being compassionate enough about the junkies after having their taxes last year and having their businesses vandalized, burglarized, or harassed. Blame police for defending themselves. You don’t disagree do you, Bigot?

    4) raise taxes and hire more six-figure consultants and “czars” with law and/or psych degrees to gaslight the outraged citizenry and guilt the naive into compliance. Pay off the frivolous lawsuits of aggrieved city employees’ and Murray’s sex abuse victims with city funds. Use local arts and community websites to mock and insult anyone who sees this pattern and tries to call attention to it.

    You don’t disagree do you, Bigot?

  7. @Guesty: I volunteer at shelters and kitchens, in addition to pushing for solutions to the problem on the local, state and national level. It’s not much, but it’s doing more than complaining on neighborhood blogs.

    But hey, go ahead and pat yourself on the back for your amazing comment…just don’t strain yourself from doing it too much!

  8. @Access: Your comment has nothing of substance and misuses the word “bigot” in a poor attempt to be ironic, so I’ll leave you with this:

    That’s a lot of words for such tiny hands to type!

  9. Nice to know that we can just walk in the neighborhood and be a witness to or be a victim of crime with a weapon. How nice is that?

  10. “ I volunteer at shelters and kitchens,”

    Longer version:

    “I feed pigeons all day and can’t for the life of me figure out why we have so many more pigeons, sh*tting all over my neighborhood!”

  11. The stabbing “victim” stayed at the Ballard Inn the day after this happened. He was fine, just injured. Definitely appeared to have some mental health problems.

  12. Okay ,my mis-informed friends….please allow me to set the record straight:
    My name is Mark Thumann and I was the “Victim” ( Thanks for the quotes Jessica Schultz!) in this aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Let me be very clear about a few points:
    1.) At 3:00 pm on Sunday the 7th of January 2018 I left the Ballard Inn ( in a sober condition), in order to buy a pack of cigarettes from the Discount Store on Market St.
    2.) passing the bus station, the assailant asked Me for a cigarette… I said, “sure one second” as I was about 10 more steps from the store. The Assailant thought I was ” disrespecting him” ( I guess…. or maybe he is just a typical sociopath that Seattle Liberals typically protect and coddle)… any rate, in the blink of an eye I lay bleeding like a stuck pig on Market Street with 2 wounds to the chest, 2 stab wounds to the neck, and 1 stab wound to my left arm.
    3.) In no way did I act as an aggressor in this incident…..if my attempts at self-defense were perceived as clumsy…sorry for not being prepared to be ambushed by a knife-wielding degenerate in the middle of Ballard’s Sunday Farmers Market. It is a shame that my poor reflexes in a dire and completely unexpected crisis results in me being being labeled an inebriate by uninformed judgmental, folks like “Pork Pie”.
    4.) The handling (fumbling) of this case by by the SPD is yet one more example of that department’s lack of professionalism , competence , and diligence. But hey, Mike O’Brien… thanks for keeping Ballard Safe for everyone!
    5.) The fact that you , Jessica Shultz, non-medical professional that you are can diagnose me as physically fine but mentally unstable the day after this incident is beyond laughable. Let me clue you in: I am a commercial fisherman on the Bering Sea of Alaska ( for 27 years now)….and my injuries resulted in being unable to perform my job for most of “A-Season” ….. $ 25 , 000 dollars in lost wages……and yet you deem me “fine”? And “mental health problems”? How about if I accuse you of mental instability the morning after you have been raped? Jessica, your ignorance , lack of logic , and lack of compassion are beyond astounding.
    In summary: Kids, if you do not know what your talking about, keep your mouths shut.
    Mark Thumann

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