Introducing Ballard’s best restaurants and a neighborhood guide

Since the redesign in November, we’ve been working to add new goodies to My Ballard. Here are a few of the recent additions:

  • We brought back the Ballard restaurants section featuring the most popular spots, ranked by your ratings. This is not mean to be a comprehensive list — there’s Google and Yelp for that — but a list of 40 or so best restaurants in the neighborhood. (This is still a work in progress, but feel free to go vote for your favorites.)
  • We’ve updated the Ballard breweries map to include nearby breweries in Fremont, Greenwood, Magnolia and Interbay.
  • There are a lot of new people moving to the neighborhood — or thinking about moving here — so we created a Ballard neighborhood guide with a list of hot spots, neighborhoods, schools, community groups and more.
  • The My Ballard Facebook Group is only a couple months old, but it’s growing like wildfire. More than 2,000 neighbors have joined so far, and many Ballard stories — like the power outage, dumpster fires, new/closing restaurants — are appearing in the group first. Unlike other community groups, we’re participating, too, helping confirm stories as we see them. If you’re a current or former Ballard neighbor, you can ask to join here.

My Ballard’s traffic has grown 2X since last fall, and we thank everyone for your support. As always, please let us know if you have any suggestions/feedback at

Geeky Swedes

The founders of My Ballard

9 thoughts to “Introducing Ballard’s best restaurants and a neighborhood guide”

  1. If I have to sign in to Facebook to read content in the MB Facebook group, count me out. I will do it maybe once or twice a year, if I feel I absolutely have to. But if the content isn’t public, then I won’t be participating.

  2. @GoEdgar – Totally understandable. Our preference has been to host the community here, like in the old days. But we’ve had trouble restarting it in part because the mobile experience is sub-par: the BBPress web experience doesn’t remember logins — like apps do — and that creates too much friction, especially compared to FB.

  3. @Geeky
    totally agree with Edgar, Facebook is a disaster. Lived here in ballard my whole life, and try to eat/shop locally, but won’t be using FB to help out.

  4. how come my restaurant isn’t on there me and my wife worked real hard to make our dreams come true. we also use the finest store brand hot dogs and have name brand soda cans now.

  5. Mister Pibb is a soda by the middle class FOR the middle class and tastes just as good as the sodas you rich airheads call Dr. Pepper. How can our wholesome news site be tainted by the influx of CORPORATE SHILLS like “PepperPHD” here?

  6. Certainly a soda developed by someone who earned a doctorate would be superior in taste to that swill Randall serves his guests.

  7. Mr. Pibb? Dr. Pepper? Ballard really has gone to the rich snobs.

    When I grew up, all we had was Dr. Skipper and used our imaginations to pretend we were drinking Dr. Pepper like the Rich and Famous!

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