Help the city decide how to spend $3 million

The city of Seattle has received over 1,000 ideas for small-scale improvements to parks and streets, and now it needs help sifting through them all. At stake is $3 million allocated in this year’s budget for the best ideas.

Here’s how it works: The city is holding several meetings in each council district. During these meetings, each district narrows down the list to 8 to 10 ideas. Then those ideas will be put up for a community vote, and a city steering committee will choose how much of the $3 million is allocated to each of the districts.

Got it? Ok, here’s the list of meetings in our district below. In each meeting, neighbors will evaluate ideas that are in close proximity to the meeting’s location (so pick your closest spot.).

“These meetings are simply conversations with neighbors about submitted project ideas in your community,” explains the city. “Participants will discuss the projects in small groups and then individually score ideas based on physical need and community benefit.”

February 23, 6:15 – 8:15pm
Crown Hill Community Center – 9250 14th Ave NW

March 1, 5:30 – 7:30pm
Ballard Branch Library – 5614 22nd Ave NW

March 6, 5:30 – 7:30pm
Fremont Branch Library – 731 N 35th St

March 28, 6 – 8pm
Greenwood Senior Center – 525 N 85th St

For more information, you can visit the Your Voice, Your Choice website here.

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11 thoughts to “Help the city decide how to spend $3 million”

  1. well i say we spend it on arming our teachers with heavy explosives so i know my 6 year old daughter is safe at school. also i want my tax money to stop going to those greedy teacher’s pockets. anyway mitt romney 2008

  2. to anyone who thinks, even for a second, that its a good idea to provide a place for folks in active addiction to shoot their dope …… ur head is screwed on backwards.

  3. @Brian “Big Brain” Fisse
    We need a police and psyche task force to get the freaks off the street and into treatment or (as is often the case) into lockup for outstanding warrants. Either that, or I KNOW THIS SOUNDS CRAZY…how about a da*ned rebate on rebate to renters and property owners for all the massive that resulted from what appears to be revenue wasted on failed policies and six-figure “czars” and “consultants”.

  4. However the funds are eventually allocated, in whatever fashion, they should somehow be tied at least indirectly to communication. Better library? Yes. Street signage and lighting? Yes. Transportation? Yes. People friendly access? Yes. Non exclusive emergency and social services to all? Yes.
    Better communication = better community.

  5. @ Grandpa: turn off CNN + MSNBC for Gods sakes. Using your Michael Moore 3rd grade logic, let’s then give all teachers $1,000,00.00 a year AND a home on the lake. Would that make kids “smarter”? Would it make “better parents”? It’s unions that are THE problem. I bet you don’t shop at 1 place all the time for ALL you grocery needs do you? Lack of competition had bred complacency in schools. 2nd: do you blame GMC when 1 of their cars crashes, and why not? People are dying on our roads, and “we’ve GOT to do something”. It’s so sad and troubling that you have zero critical thoughts to add here, just more late night comic relief. Mind numbed robots who feel government really does have all the answers. Um, this is our $$, taken from us, to give to others. “Compassion” to you open minded folks. So open minded that everything HAS fallen out.

  6. @ Grandpa: um, don’t forget our X mayor’s little issue we are all having to now deal with. And there’s another suing us, the city of Seattle, which is “us”. He and his hubby are now receiving nearly $300K a year. How does that make you feel? Do the math here for us all. I bet you voted for him and were going to again. You have made Seattle, so own this mess. 17% property tax increase, and you’re blaming whom again? “Projection”. Look it up.

  7. @Scott
    You’re wasting your breath. For some reason, people on the coasts have decided that any fiscal restraint is somehow equivalent to being a “Putin Worshiper”. It’s a truly bizarre bubble they live in. Vote for the property tax for the “homeless crisis” as a renter? Well, enjoy the 5-7% rent increase on top of the other insane taxes and fees. Notice the first thing Durkan did was to criticize the police then hand out freebies.

    The fact is, all this rainbow-sjw-smug-revenue-scamming is just means to “flip” the entire city and drive out the non-wealthy. For a city full of “smart” people this obvious fact seems to to escape people or they are in on the joke as they collect some whopping city salary or greased palms commission.

    It’s for the “kids”! Don’t you love the kids, Scott?!

  8. Put in a big pile on Ballard Commons and let the hobos set fire to it. It would be about as effective as all the homeless programs we have now.

  9. @Hobo Hilton
    “Put in a big pile on Ballard Commons and let the hobos set fire to it. It would be about as effective as all the homeless programs we have now.”

    Haha first the city would hire a six-figure “incineration consultant” to pour the gasoline on the cash!

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