Police arrest burglary suspect in Ballard

Police arrested a burglary suspect in Whittier Heights early this morning thanks to some old-fashioned police work and a homeowner armed with a surveillance camera.

It all started when the homeowner, watching a surveillance camera several blocks away, saw a man enter a detached garage near a home under construction in the 800 block of NW 67th Street.

Police responded and saw the suspect running away. “The suspect managed to elude officers by running in between houses, over a fence and into a pond,” explains SPD Detective Mark Jamieson.

That’s when officers discovered a suspicious vehicle with a possible accomplice inside, Jamieson said. “Officers contacted the occupant in the driver’s seat and identified him after he denied any involvement. Officers left, but kept an eye on the vehicle,” he said.

Sure enough, Jamieson said the suspect returned to the vehicle a short time later, and they drove off. Police pulled them over near 11th Avenue NW and NW 70th Street (below), and officer discovered the burglary suspect in the back, covered with blankets, he said.

“Officers were able to compare the physical description of the suspect with the video images provided by the homeowner,” Jamieson said. “The 32-year-old suspect was arrested for the burglary and was later booked into the King County Jail. The driver of the vehicle was identified and released.”

(Thanks to Zach for the photos and tip. We blurred the identity of a man in the photo, as it’s unclear if he’s the suspect or the driver who was not arrested by officers.)

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21 thoughts to “Police arrest burglary suspect in Ballard”

  1. What kind of loser sits around watching surveillance cameras that point to other parts of the neighborhood? How does that even work?? My god— get a life.
    Honestly this is a big fat waste of police resources.

    I wonder if that annoying Canadian guy from Nextdoot will chime in blaming Mike OBrien that these criminals were even allowed into our fair hamlet

  2. This area has been plagued with burglaries especially theft from cars, garages and storage sheds. No wonder someone was watching and waiting to gain proof of these thieves in action.

  3. “I wonder if that annoying Canadian guy from Nextdoot will chime in blaming Mike OBrien that these criminals were even allowed into our fair hamlet”

    …and what kind of loser trolls nextdoor for stuff to write about some random canadian guy posting there? LOL

  4. Hah Guesty! You got me!
    Actually I deleted my Nextdoor account months ago because of that annoying guy (not to mention a bunch of other ‘I am very smart’ people who have nothing to do but complain about our neighborhood (which I love!)
    GS— thanks fo the clarification

  5. @Barb
    You’re absolutely correct! There is nothing wrong with Ballard!
    Just yesterday I found this very computer just sitting in an unlocked car. The mayor and the police chief say I can just help myself. God Bless!

  6. @Barb — I’ll turn off my camera and go make coffee for myself when I see them breaking into YOUR house. Have a nice day!

  7. I’m glad this thief was caught but why in the world didn’t they bust the driver for the same crime? Aren’t they just as guilty as the thief?

  8. @Scott
    They let the driver go so they could get back the their local theft/prostitution/narcotics racket. Wouldn’t want the spd being sued for being “racist/classist/bigoted” etc.
    Hey, Truth/O’Brien/Bagshaw et. are you handling the perp’s ACLU lawsuit and gofundme page?

  9. too bad we’re not allowed to SHOOT the thief . Would be SO MUCH SIMPLER and I’ll betchya would only take one time for burglaries to become rare.

  10. After using the jail booking site and facebook to try to figure out who this proficient running, jumping, and swimming thief is (only to blow his get away by making the extremely poor choice to return to his pals vehicle), it looks like this particular thief came from the slim pickins south end to do a little stealing here in our land of plenty. My hunch is most of our car prowls and burglaries here are not the local free meal fattened bums looking for their next handout, but courtesy of our poor neighborhoods on the other end of town.

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