Police looking to identify man in video who hit Safeway employee

Seattle Police detectives are looking to identify a man who’s suspected of stealing food from the Ballard Safeway and striking an employee, according to a Q13 Crime Stoppers report.

The incident happened on February 18th at the Safeway on Market St. Video in the report shows the man walking out of the store, followed by a female employee. When he didn’t stop, she pushed a shopping cart in his direction. The video shows him returning to the store and striking her twice in the face. The employee was not seriously injured.

Police are looking for the man (you can see more photos in the report) on charges of robbery and assault, Q13 reported.

From our anecdotal scanning of police reports, shoplifting is an increasingly common crime in the Ballard area — especially in the area around 15th and Market. In late January, a man shoplifting inside Bartell’s took a couple swings at an employee, sparking a large police response. Similar to the Safeway incident, he was stealing food.

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24 thoughts to “Police looking to identify man in video who hit Safeway employee”

  1. Ahh good. Looks like one of the “free lunch” losers over at St Luke’s is branching out and learning new jobs skills.
    This smells like another O’Brien/Bagshaw/Sawant success story. Hopefully we can get the ACLU involved and get this fine gentleman a fat settlement on the taxpayers’ dime. These idiots pushing for “free range hobo” policies don’t seem to care very much for the working people, but then again a day’s work to many of them involves making out with their dog on the bus and suing some poor slob over a dirty joke at the water cooler. I hope the police don’t mess up his hair during his future arrest and cause the hipsters to fly into cat dander-fueled fits of self righteous indignation.

  2. She ‘pushed a shopping cart in his direction’? or did she try to ram him to the ground for stealing some food?

    I’m glad the employee is OK but why would she attack a shoplifter? If he was old and fell down and broke his hip, we’d be talking about this like that crossing guard who died after a shopping cart scuffle at the Holman QFC

  3. @Bartleby
    You have a point, scrivener. Getting stabbed over a crappy sandwich isn’t worth whatever Safeway pays.
    She deserves a raise, and Safeway – like Bartells, QFC, McD’s and the City Council – needs to be forced to provide 24/7 security in their stores and on the street where these losers congregate.

  4. “Because no one shoplifts at Ballard Market?”

    Ballard Market takes no bullsh*t from anyone. Not even in the soyboy section. Unlike Safeway, it’s wonderfully free of scumbags.

  5. Someone told me, “You get the neighborhood you tolerate.” Some truth in those words. Perhaps this store clerk was fed up with all the crime that goes on in the store. Then this jerk comes back and assaults her. Lock his ass up and get him of the drugs that make him stupid, and feed him nothing but bread and water. Make the cot a little lumpy, too and no pillow.

  6. @ Uff Da
    Stop being reasonable. Everybody “knows” all crime results from a cishet white male capitalism and basically this all boils down to the Reagan administration.

  7. @Ballard So White
    This guy is such a loser that he’s even a crappy shoplifter.
    Hey Truth, your “brother man” is looking pretty sharp on the security camera.

  8. I love how Seattleites advocate violence against conservatives but cringe about enforcing the law.
    It’s very likely this scumbag has committed countless violent crimes considering his comfort with assaulting the employee. Where’s the “#metoo/#timesupp” outcry about this act of violence against a working woman?

    I’ll wait while the brain trust around here types more “deplorables” nonsense and bashes Trump.

  9. Now that I’ve watched the video–
    What was the point of the girl employee pushing that cart at the man? He’d already left the store.
    Is it really that important to punish someone yourself who just stole food from a large multi-national corporation?

    Also, he barely ‘hits’ the girl– just slaps her around a bit.

  10. @Bam – enjoy your sick cosplay fantasies. In the real world someone would make you eat that bat.
    @gary dean short – likewise

  11. Curious if he’s one of the hundreds of low life’s that live off the system in Ballard and feel it’s his god given right to steal, beat, throw needles all around, and continue on living here. He gets a sandwich or whatever he likes for free while people just getting by work 8+ hours every day and at the end of the year finding themselves in the same place he is….. wait he eats better then me as well. Oh we also have bills. His are all free payed by us. I’m not his parent but someone needs to tell him to get a job and be a productive human to society. So disgusting and really disatisfied with moving to the area. By the way good for the lady that pushed a cart at him. Wish someone walked up to him and smashed his face in twice as well. He shouldn’t be on the streets. They only come to cities for free hand outs and they literally run seattle now. So sad.

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