Sex offender sentenced for Golden Gardens restroom attack

The sexual predator who pleaded guilty to attacking a runner in a Golden Gardens restroom last year could spend the rest of his life in prison.

A judge sentenced Gary Steiner to 36 months of an indeterminate sentence on Friday, which means a review board could keep him behind bars indefinitely.

Kelly Heron, who successfully fought off the attack, appeared in court during the sentencing. Steiner apologized through tears, but Heron said she felt nothing.

“When it comes to repeat sex offenders who have done this time and time again, who have been given opportunities to get back out and when they get back out they keep doing this… it’s very hard to feel sorry for somebody if they’re up there crying,” she told KIRO 7.

A level 3 sex offender, Steiner had been convicted of similar assaults in Arizona.

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11 thoughts to “Sex offender sentenced for Golden Gardens restroom attack”

  1. lets all keep in mind that this dude was one of our wonderful camper “neighbors” that the city is so fond of. that little bit of info has been missing from the few updates i’ve read (seattle times, etc). can’t let facts get in the way of an agenda…

  2. He’s getting a lifetime, gold standard shelter program with a roof, medical and counseling care, free food and opportunities for pursuing education and other self-improvement. He’s one of the lucky ones — he is escaping the faux compassion of O’Brien, Sawant, etc., who believe he’s just fine living in a tent on the steep hillsides above Golden Gardens.

  3. I’d like to suggest My Ballard dig a bit deeper and learn why this guy was un-monitored given his past record. Folks like this should be on permanent parole, live in a half-way house, with an ankle monitor.

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  5. Hope Inslee, Durkan, Sawant and O’Brien have time to give this creep a big ol’ hug before he heads off the Walla Walla or McNeil Island.

    Murray still walks free.

  6. It’s nice to spout platitudes about caring and compassion until you actually see the faces of and read about the actions of those we’re supposed to empty our pockets for. This guy didn’t deserve our help, because he didn’t appreciate it. But he, and many others like him, continue to get handouts from the city while they attempt to rape and rob their benefactors during their ‘free’ time.

  7. I will never understand how a repeat sexual offender is EVER allowed to walk free again. Second offence violent sexual assault convictions should be automatic life sentence. The risk to the general population is too high and the ‘human’ rights of one person can not ever trump that.

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