Fast-growing Reuben’s Brews to open new production facility

One of Ballard’s most popular breweries, Reuben’s Brews is expanding into a full-scale production facility at a large, historic building at the corner of 8th Ave. NW and NW 46th St. (above).

The brewery has been operating out of several locations to keep up with growth, explained co-founder Adam Robbings in an announcement today.

“As we grew we needed space, but unfortunately nothing was ever available within the same building!” Robbings wrote in an email. “But now we are so excited to announce that we will be bringing most of our production together at 800 NW 46th St. The building is not only less than half a mile away from our taproom and brewery (which will remain in its current location), but it is also walking distance from our home.”

Robbings co-founded the brewery with his wife Grace (their first child is named Reuben) back in 2012. He said it was important to find a production facility in his home neighborhood of Ballard, close to the taproom. He says they plan to “carefully renovate” the historic facility.

“The building is getting a big overhaul – new roof, new siding, new insulation and heating systems – but the character of its 70 year-old barrel roof will now be exposed for us all to enjoy!” he wrote. “Here, our team’s lives will be made easier, and they will be able to focus on brewing different beers and increasing diversity of offerings for our customers rather than traveling between buildings!”

As you can see, he’s very excited about the new digs, which he expects will be operational by the end of the year. He’ll also get a new office, a big upgrade from his current working space inside a “merchandise storage closet.”

Reuben’s joins Fremont Brewing in opening a large, dedicated production facility and office in Ballard. Fremont’s facility is located at 4700 9th Ave NW, which the brewery calls “Fremont West.”

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5 thoughts to “Fast-growing Reuben’s Brews to open new production facility”

  1. It’s been great seeing the success of Reubens and Fremont but I do miss the old days when the you walked into a garage and the owners filled your growler (at both locations).

    However with their growth it’s a shame Reubens didn’t grab the old Hilliard’s location and it instead went to the Heineken International Conglomerate member Lagunitas.

    I suppose it is only a matter of time before Fremont and Reubens sell out to the big three (InBev, MolsonCoors, or Heineken) just like Red Hook, Elysian, and Lagunitas.

  2. “Common Sense ”

    Exactly why should vacant, existing commercial “be zoned single family housing”?

    Please remember all of the small businesses who are still trying to make it work in the same challenging property market because they are a critical part of this economy.

    “Beer Snob”

    Have some faith – not all are enamored by shiny objects!

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