Several cars collide on the Ballard Bridge

Update: Lanes have been reopened nearly three hours after the crash.

Earlier: All lanes of the Ballard Bridge closed after 12:15 today after several cars collided.

Police are re-routing traffic through the exit and on-ramp on the north end of the bridge. Traffic is backed up in both directions. Check our traffic cameras for the latest conditions.

Heavy rain has been moving through Seattle for the last couple hours.

No word on any injuries.

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15 thoughts to “Several cars collide on the Ballard Bridge”

  1. I question if Seattle drivers are adequately prepared to drive in the rain…or snow…or wind…or cloudy weather…or sunny weather.

    Quick Google please replace the human “drivers” in Seattle ASAP!

  2. Crossed the bridge last week at 30 mph, the posted speed limit. I was passed numerous times by vehicles traveling at 40 mph plus. Speeding and tailgating seems to be the norm these days so expect many more accidents by dummies in a hurry to go nowhere.

  3. It’s a shame and sham that this bridge still exists today. Replacing it with a new modern bridge will NEVER happen here either. Too many chefs. Imagine a new bridge, from this millennium, that’s higher and wider, allowing for EVERYBODY, including bikes and pedestrians. Or, we can continue onward with the 8-track player we’re stuck with. In other words, what part of “progressive” is this thing? It did used to catch fire many years ago. Perhaps that’d be a novelty today again?

  4. Yip…..another day in Ballard , and as for the drivers in Ballard there should be accountability if more law enforcement if stupidity of drivers that think they ” own the damn the town ” !

  5. I was driving over the Ballard bridge one morning awhile back and a guy on a bike was riding towards a pedestrian. The pedestrian stood up on curb next to the road and balanced himself with his brief case while I drove by, I kind of held my breath.

  6. I usually hit 40 mid way across. Steady as she goes, coffee in one hand, NPR on the radio. 50 under the bridge, then 40 the rest of the way.

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