Man injured in stabbing in Loyal Heights

Updated: Seattle police and fire treated a 35-year old man with a stab wound near the corner of NW 80th St. and 24th Ave. NW just before 11 a.m. today. The injury was not life-threatening.

“The victim told officers that he was stabbed by an unknown male in the shoulder while he was standing outside of his house, located in the 8300 block of 24th Avenue Northwest,” said Detective Mark Jamieson. “The victim stated he ran away after the assault and met officers at the corner of NW 80th and 24th NW.”

Officers responded to the home, but did not find a suspect. “The occupants of the house stated that they were unaware of any disturbance that may have occurred outside,” Jamieson said.

The man was transported to Harborview Medical Center.

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29 thoughts to “Man injured in stabbing in Loyal Heights”

  1. Are the Ballard criminals trolling the resident virtue signallers in the comment section?

    Every time Truth wraps up an 5 paragraph defense of failed policy while attacking the victims of other crimes cries as “being hysterical”, more blood is spilled or something is burned down. Every other time I look out my window I see a disheveled, run down addicts *walking* a $2000+ bicycle hurriedly toward the Commons Park. It’s a clown show out there. Thanks, O’Brien/Sawant et al.

    Had enough yet, soyboys?

  2. @California: *high-fiving you*

    (This is actually sincere thanks to you, unlike my last sarcastic post to “Truth”)

    Cheers dude!

    Sincerely, NicoNico
    (Victim, mom-of-a-victim)

  3. “mom of a victim”

    Don’t be so hard on yourself Nico. I’m sure your child will somehow see beyond his mother’s irrational fear of poor people to grow into a healthy, helpful member of society

  4. @Bart Again
    Irrational fear of psychotic tweakers, drunks, junkies and sex offenders? Was it a slow day on twitter and now you have to bash the local moms?

    Every time I think some of you soyboys just couldn’t sink any lower, you manage to pull another rabbit out of your hat. 5/5 Stars.

  5. Just the right amount of blight for the developers. Another 10 homes go on the market, to be converted into multiunit developments. Win-win-win for the developers, LIHI and the progressive crowd. More money fills the campaign coffers of O’Brien, Sawant, etc. Whoopee!

  6. everyone in the area knows the house at 24th and 83rd (left side if you are heading north) is a drug house. there are also tents set up in the back yard and quite an assortment of junk/bikes/parts…this shouldn’t be such a difficult thing for the police to figure out if the rest of the ‘hood knows about it. constant nuisance property for years.

  7. BART: “mom of a victim”: YES YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY.

    When my joyful daughter is reduced to a kid screaming and crying “MAN GO AWAY MAN GO AWAY”…when our attacker came back a second time and I was squeezing the breath out of her trying to keep her away from him…yes, she was a victim too. Why are people like you and Truth so insistent on dismissing/discrediting/minimizing our experience? (And that of others?!) Is it because this person didn’t get a chance to physically lay hands on us? Is it because I don’t have bruises to show or stitches that need placed? Is it because our experience didn’t make the SPD Blotter or Twitter or the local news? Is that what you people need to recognize that these things are happening in our community?

    These were all rhetorical questions, so here’s a real question that I want you to answer:

    BART: what about my experience and report of it makes me irrational? I would like to know. Seriously.

    P.S. I never said my attacker (YES ATTACKER YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY) was poor. Again, another incessant need of people on this thread to insinuate/assume/generalize and put words in that weren’t there.

  8. So Nico, if this man didn’t touch you but just yelled at you, how exactly are you a victim?

    Didn’t anyone teach you that whole sticks and stones thing? It sounds like you harmed your daughter more by “squeezing the breath out of her”. Likely she was responding to that and your irrational reaction, not the man at all.

  9. we live just around the corner on Jones and just started our walk this morning when the cops descended. comforting to see the response, but sad that this is happening and scary in our neighborhood.

  10. Bart: It is interesting that you think someone is only a victim if they’ve been physically harmed. I’m curious how you treat other people in your life? I hope that none of your loved ones – if you have any – experience what we did. I’m sad that there is a general lack of compassion from you. I could sit here and submit to you the 911 call, the police report, the domestic violence court records, copies of the restraining orders, the notes from the mental health institution where this attacker was sent, testimony from his abused wife, testimony from witnesses…but yet it somehow would still be me being irrational. So therefore, this thread is a waste of time…you’re a troll, an instigator. And congrats, you got what you came for: you put a freaked out neighbor who experienced something very scary on the defensive. Good job. I relent. You win. Take care, and remember: don’t call 911 unless you’ve been physically harmed. Anything less is irrational. Peace.

  11. @NicoNico – I’m actually surprised Bart isn’t defending you. If Bart is an uber-liberal tool, he’s probably the first person to speak up about bullying and hurt feelings in his own life, yet somehow doesn’t understand how you being bullied by a hobo isn’t the same thing. He and Truth seem to be trolling this site just to get reactions out of people – and sadly, it works. I’d say, comment on what disturbs or thrills you, but when one of these clowns comes back with something like “oh, you must be mentally deranged” (a personal favorite of Truth – I wonder if, when someone at a store asks “will there be anything else” he replies with “you must be mentally deranged!”), or “you weren’t really hurt”, just remember…karma hits everyone at some point. If they truly feel our neighborhood isn’t overrun with the homeless, let’s see how they feel when some bum in a methmobile sets up camp out in front of their house.

  12. This home in discussion is a well known drug house, but don’t worry everybody, our very own city board of health just banned chewing tobacco from not only Safeco Field, and many other ball parks, yet meanwhile these same people are going full speed with “safe” injection sites and even considering a mobile injection van too. Sally Bradshaw is talking about using a current public health building to harbor safe injections too. Um, aren’t these places supposed to be all about getting better? The time has come for area residents to stop saying things like “gee, this stuff just doesn’t happen in MY neighborhood”. Those days are over. @ CA U A: HOO AH

  13. *Reads article summary*

    *Scrolls down to comments and sees it’s become a massive strawman attacking maneuver and anti-homeless circlejerk*

    *Goes out and enjoys the sun in his hellhole neighborhood*

  14. People like Truth have a high threshold for disgust and low standards for public behavior. Oddly, Lefties like him bash the Red State folks for not traveling abroad yet seem not to notice cities in Europe are much safer and cleaner than Seattle, despite the fact the Seattle models itself on Scandi/European tolerance and progressiveness. It’s clearly a failure here. We have high taxes and massive nanny state politics but walking down the street it often a disgusting experience. There seems to be an epidemic of the Dunning Kruger Effect among the far left activists in this city, and no amount of anger at Trump is going to fix the problems here as they were in heading this direction for over a decade.

    Personally, I’m a centrist. It’s sad that Seattleites are either so deep in denial or so buried in their phones that they don’t care that their “leaders” are guilty of ruining a formerly clean, safe city and grind us for revenue at every turn.

  15. @Sockpuppet: So first you start bashing the homeless on an article about a stabbing, now you’re making it political? And you’re SURE you aren’t mentally ill? I’ll bite:

    Lefties like him bash the Red State folks for not traveling abroad yet seem not to notice cities in Europe are much safer and cleaner than Seattle, despite the fact the Seattle models itself on Scandi/European tolerance and progressiveness.

    Taxes in Europe are also 50%. I would happily pay 50% if it meant clean cities, free, good education, universal healthcare, great transportation, retirement, labor rights, safety nets, etc. I have a feeling that talking about 50% taxes will trigger you though :/

    …and no amount of anger at Trump is going to fix the problems here as they were in heading this direction for over a decade.

    And no amount of complaining on a neighborhood blog is going to solve our homeless and drug epidemic, but here you are!

    Personally, I’m a centrist.

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Thanks, needed a good laugh.

    Your favorite Soy Boy,
    Truth <3

  16. Normally I’d say why is @Truth commenting when he said he was gonna go outside and play, but I’m actually more interested in the idea of Hobo Knife Fights in the Safeway Parking Lot. You could charge money for this event, survivor gets the money and a chance to turn his life around!

  17. @Sockpuppet: Like you, I saw a homeless person across the street, got frightened and decided to go complain on a neighborhood blog.

  18. It is true that the place in question has been a problem house since at least 2009 so it’s really no surprise something like this happened there. The place is owned by a woman who lets basically anything go there. Remember the fire there about three years ago? Anyways, it’s not Mike O’Briens fault, just about every neighborhood has its Klopeks.

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