Lockspot Cafe temporarily closed after reports of norovirus outbreak

The King County Health Department is investigating an outbreak of norovirus associated with four restaurants, including the Lockspot Cafe in Ballard.

“Since May 16, Public Health has learned of 3 people from two separate meal parties who became ill after consuming food and beverage from Lockspot Cafe between May 12–13, 2018,” the health department said. “Environmental Health investigators visited and closed the restaurant on May 17. At this point, investigators have not identified any risk factors that are known to contribute to the spread of norovirus.”

The other restaurants are Anthony’s Homeport in Des Moines, Italianissimo Ristorante in Woodinville and Okinawa Teriyaki in downtown Seattle.

Lockspot Cafe is required to thoroughly clean the premises. When we called on Saturday, the restaurant said it hopes to reopen in the next few days.

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24 thoughts to “Lockspot Cafe temporarily closed after reports of norovirus outbreak”

  1. Maybe the Lockspot ought to do a little clean-up on the outside, too. I wouldn’t have eaten there on a bet, even before this Health Department announcement of the temporary closing. Closest eating place to the Locks ought to be a better and cleaner representative of our community. Just sayin’.

  2. Oh Uff Da, you ignorant bitch.
    “At this point, investigators have not identified any risk factors that are known to contribute to the spread of

    Go on and preach your hate. You’re probably the local snowflake who reported this place because of your fragile sensibilities.

  3. The homeless have enough problems in city of Seattle that they don’t need a crazy BITCH like this Access Hollywood BITCH blaming them for something most likely they had nothing to do with it instead of helping the situation it’s people like her that are causing the problem. It’s people like you and your greed that are destroying a beautiful city name Seattle and the city of BALLARD that i just moved from and not just from Ballard but from Washington State. Instead of blaming the homeless on everything this Access Hollywood bitch and people like her I’ll be trying to help the problem instead of causing the problem with your greed

  4. It is important for a restaurant to keep good sanitary practices. But foodborne illnesses are often imported from outside in some fashion. It is a combination of factors that sets the stage for sickness outbreaks. Even the most high end eatery is not immune to conditions beyond their control. They can be just part of the chain folks.

  5. Thomas Street. …..what? Please read what you have written before hitting “post” you are not making aany sense. Sound very angry though..that’s about all I got out of your rant.

    Kimo…also an angry one…Lockspot was closed by the health department, three cases are linked to the restaurant, something is going on there. And … the place is 100 years old, it could use a little sprucing up

  6. I ate there Wednesday night and have had diarrhea and exhaustion for two days! I literally can not believe that this just came up in my feed. I wish this article said who to contact.

  7. I wonder about the efficacy of reporting illness. One Christmas our whole family went to a very posh restaurant and several of us threw up all night. I reported it but never heard a word of results. Still wondering…

  8. Too bad. I love the old style ambience of the Lockspot. A great place to sit down for a BLT and an ice cold beer. Hope they track down the problem.
    Do report issues to King county – they will help the restaurant track down the problem. I have had two bad sicknesses:
    1-Man’oushe express, great flat bread but do not, under any circumstance get any meat paste on it. I can never go back.
    2-PCC deli: the hand pies. PCC did not make them but got them from a supplier that I don’t see listed anymore (maybe they closed up shop – thankfully). I still get PCC deli but not their pies.
    Anyway, you won’t get feedback from King county but your report will help them prioritize their inspections.

  9. Thomas sounds like an ex-Seattle homeless junkie. We must be doing something right, we got rid of him.
    The only people who eat at the Lockspot are the ones who do not know any better. Cleaning that place up completely would require gasoline and a match.

  10. Used to enjoy going to the Lockspot for a burger and beer but stopped about 10 years ago. The service and food seemed off. Not certain but was told they had changed management. Ah well.

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