New restaurant from Lark chef opening soon

In March we discovered Lark chef Mitch Mayers was planning to open a new restaurant in the Kickin’ Boot spot in Old Ballard.

Now we know the name, Sawyer, and a few more details, thanks to Mayers’ interview with Eater.

His approach will be high-quality, creative fine dining that’s “a bit more approachable,” Mayers explained. Like Oxtail nachos with soft-scrambled eggs, cotija cheese, and tomato ragu — or sweetbreads with a pork blood General Tso sauce and crispy fried rice, Eater explains. He’s also a big fan of rotisserie chicken with eight spits in the kitchen.

The restaurant, bar and patio is a big space, seating up to 120 people.

Sawyer’s projected open date is July 25th.

(Photo of the ongoing construction work from Sawyer on Instagram)

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15 thoughts to “New restaurant from Lark chef opening soon”

      1. Buuurrrrp. Foie gras gently pan-seared in butter, goes down lovely with a nice Sauterne at 9am if you really want to indulge, and have strong enough bowels.

  1. Soyboy: “Hey Server, can I please get a drinking straw?”
    Server:”No, the city banned them but you can score some meth in front of the library or crap in the park if you want.”
    Soyboy:”Uhh ok I guess I’ll try those $50 nachos then. Thanks. Oh and one for my dog too I’m sure this place is dog friendly AMIRITE?!”

      1. How can something be overpriced if the people who go there find it priced right? Funny how the free market works. It’s almost as if you think a Bentley is just an overpriced Ford.

        FYI Lark on Capitol Hill was an award winning restaurant nominated for a James Beard, 3 times. Had excellent food, wine and amazing foie gras. Priced just right for me. Which I’m sure means overpriced for you.

        So yeah, an “upscale TGIF” to the plebs.

        1. Overpriced doesn’t mean that I cannot afford it. Get over yourself. Your response is a pretty good example of the pretentious, striving atmosphere in these places.

          1. Poor old Lark, striving all the way to a James Beard. Enjoy TGIF, I hear they got the cleanest toilets along I80 Award.

          2. They should strive to get my $20 drinks to the table in less than 20min

          3. Amazing it took twenty minutes to get a drink at a restaurant that’s not even open yet.

            Maybe the meth is messing with your space/time continuum?

  2. Yeah, super approachable. Pork blood General Tso sauce, Tomato ragout on nachos instead of what is supoosed to be on, ya know, salsa……. I am sure the prices will be very “approachable” as well.

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