Ballard Commons summer movies series kicks off this week

For the next four weeks, the summer outdoor movies series will take over Ballard Commons Park with some old favorites, starting on Thursday, August 9 with the Goonies.

The free movies, put on by the Ballard Alliance, will be every Thursday at 8:15pm this month, with food trucks on site starting at 7pm. This week’s screening will be accompanied by The Fork and Fin, with Sweet Mickey’s Candy Shoppe handing out treats for every screening.

The schedule for the movie series is the following:

All movies are open to the public; the organizers ask that people bring their own blankets and chairs to watch the movie.

45 thoughts to “Ballard Commons summer movies series kicks off this week”

  1. All 3 of these movies feature a toxic male protagonist. ET has an alien, true, but zhe is trapped in a white hetero-normative home before being allowed to return to zher home planet.
    More diversity, please!

    1. Maybe showing ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ or ‘Fatal Attraction’ would help in the fight against gender toxicity inequality, an injustice that really asks of us the most fundamental of moral questions: Are people who are the less toxic as human as the rest of us? And any world that says no to that is not one I want to be part of, or raise my dog and two cats in, despite all the great restaurants in the neighborhood. I am of humankind and man and womankind is of me. I’m not sure who, or if anybody, said that but’s so true. And It saddens me that we oftentimes forget that.

      1. Thanks for being a good ally, Mitch. Sometimes I think about the toxic white men I slept with over the years and wonder why I ever ended up in their yachts and penthouses, instead of nurturing precious cat babies and fighting inequality. Despite Seattle now being something like 60% tech bros, the future is indeed female!

    1. That is not humorous. People experiencing heroin addiction need a safe place to camp, and your belongings are the result of your privilege and therefore, open to their use.
      Be better. Get woke.

      1. “[P]rivilege” or hard work, Sarah. If these addicts won’t accept help, I really don’t give shit about them. And, that ought to be the message the City sends to them as well.

        Be better, get off drugs. Get smart. We’ll help.

        1. The city has more important things to do like solving racism, sexism, homophobia, the Israel/Palestine conflict, and banning plastic straws. Your bigotry is showing when you do not accept that your ancestors were hateful criminals and all your money belongs to the City Council or the Federal Govt, who can spend it much more wisely. Keep working hard and asking how you can be a good ally.

          1. Well, I certainly won’t try to dissect or understand your post. Whew – drugs affect your reasoning skills much, Sarah?

          2. BAM, that is pure racism. All borders are terrorism. All walls are fascism. Everyone is an invader on this continent except for the native people who lived in peace and harmony until white men showed up. You deserve to lose out on jobs and housing because you’re lazy and nothing you built has any value.

            By the way do you know a good plumber or carpenter? My condo is falling apart.

          3. “…the native people that lived in peace and harmony…” Well, there is an inaccuracy for you. Guess you didn’t ever hear of conquering tribes wherever they might be in the world, including the Americas did what they had to do to protect their own. They took slaves, slaughtered their competitors and requisitioned lands. The stronger tribes survived, with some making treaties among their contemporaries, while others dominated other tribes. You need to pull your head out of wherever it is placed, there Sarah, and do a reality check – probably read a little history too, from authoritative sources, not some PC Dick and Jane reader.

          4. you really need to take a trip out of your three block area and see what the real world looks like.
            that “is” their job…….but instead their time is taken up by whiners like you that think because you have internet and social media that you know what is happening in the world and can protest from your little corner. first of all take care of your business and the small world around you since you are afraid to leave it and actually experience life. there needs to be facilitys for the mental patients that are on the streets then the rest need to get jobs and become members of ty and not believe that society owes them something. and people like you that have absolutely nothing better to do than whine and stir up trouble about something you know nothing about should mind your own business and do good at home.

          5. Typical misogynists ganging up on a woman. So tough. So brave. I will see that all your comments are deleted, just like I would have HR fire you for being racists. You think I am intimidated? I was not intimidated with those 3 snow monkey Chads filled me with rum and pills and played Game of Thrones on that yacht.

  2. Other classic offerings, perhaps more relevant to Seattle 2018:

    Down and Out in Beverly Hills, 1986
    Funny Farm, 1988
    Escape From L.A. 1996
    Ghostbusters II, 1989
    Singles, 1992 (for irony since that city is gone)

    1. I agree, elenchos. You’re a much better example of civilized discourse and mature behavior.
      Please help and we can rid Seattle of toxic masculinity, and usher in a new era of prosperity.

      1. Ah, yes, “civilized discourse” says the acid-tongued, uninformed, zenophobic, misandry who apparently can’t keep her knees together, even in polite company. Maybe you would be happier watching re-runs of episodes of Portlandia. Enjoy the movie and the Park ambiance, Sarah., but do be careful of the needles and human feces on the lawn.

    2. Yes, please delete all comments that you disagree with. Because by ‘everyone’, I assume you mean you and all your little spam-bots. As if deleting all comments that veer away from your worldview will actually solve any problems.

  3. I love ET!

    Been a long while since I’ve seen it. I think a whole generation of kids used the lightbulb trick to get out of school at least once.

  4. Pro Tip: don’t confuse the tweaker RVs with the food trucks or you may end up in a Durkan tweet with a sad emoji.

  5. Does anyone else think its creepy to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark while eating from a truck called Off the Rez?

    The entire first scene of that movie is just a Whiteman Haole getting Kankans to pretend to be savages.

    I’m not sure I can eat a Rez burger with all that colonization.

    1. Indiana Jones movies are highly problematic with their colonialist, racist and mysoginist story lines, and that’s nothing to say of their transphobia.

        1. Perfect. WTF are twitter and FB, besides an opiate? If more stopped using these 2 things the world would be a totally better place. Do you want a “fairness cop” here then too? Thing is, it’s YOUR city allowing what’s now right in all of our faces. It’s comic relief. Many here couldn’t make this stuff up. I’m not part of the pretend world, where cars don’t get broken into and people aren’t stealing anything they can from Fred Meyer. And I’m still waiting for these upitty women to come to our rescue and get in the faces of the city council, demanding they get rid of the precious bums, tomorrow.

          1. Scott D, your misogyny will not stand! I will make sure it is you sleeping by the bike trail huffing paint out of a paper bag. All that toxic testosterone has made you a threat to our community.

          2. Sarah, I offer these words in a non-judgemental and sincere way: First of all, I suspect that you’re homeless, or a least without stable living conditions. The comment about you’re condo falling apart and you needing a plumber and carpenter gave it away, although I suspected all along. In any case, you don’t own a condo. Someone as unhappy, angry and irrational as you are simply couldn’t hold a job long enough to be able to afford one. I also suspect you’re writing on computer at the Ballard Library, or on free wi-fi somewhere else.

            I walk by the Ballard Commons every morning, down 22nd, where most of the “rough sleepers” lie sprawled on the grass, Most are white guys hooked on heroine or fent and who knows what, but I’ve also seen several women there recently, although no one seems to stay long at this tot lot turned modern opium den. Could you be one of them, Sarah? If so, I’m sorry.

            Either way, I’d like you to know that there is help out there for people having a hard time, like you obviously are, people who can and want to help those dealing all the things that life can throw at us. Start with the City service center next to the library, or do your own research online. Help is out there. Good luck. I’m rooting for you.

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