Himalayan Treasure closing up shop

Himalayan Treasure, a Nepali handicraft store on NW Market St, is closing down soon.

Owner Sushil Mulepati says he’s taking a break and going back to Nepal for at least a year. The store has been open since 2015.

In the meantime, the Mulepati is having a closing-down sale; everything in the store is 50 percent off. He says he’ll be open until he sells most of it – likely three to four months.

No word yet on what will take its place – we’ll update with any new information.

Thanks Alex Choi for the tip!

16 thoughts to “Himalayan Treasure closing up shop”

      1. Because it is the only place where I can buy something in Ballard that can’t be found somewhere else for a better price. Ballard is very generic but overpriced .

    1. I just bought something at the picture frame shop on Market St yesterday. You should buy and support your local merchants, they’re important to the community. I could have bought it cheaper on Amazon but why? Just to save a few bucks. I’d rather keep it in the local economy. Shop Ballard!!!

          1. Not virtuous just smart. I have never figured out how a business enhances or is important to a neighborhood. Been here 67 years I have seen literally hundreds of businesses come and go and Ballard remains a nice place to live.

      1. In walking back from Les Schwab the other day I stopped in for doughnuts at Mighty O on market St. I got 6, and was shocked when it rang up at $14.50. Yes, for 6 doughnuts. Now, they were very good. And it felt good supporting a local place. But why don’t these places get over with it and have a tip basket for their employees health-care on the counter? Is it that expensive to operate in Ballard today? Holy cow.

        1. Ask them how much rent they pay, it might shock you. The cost of doing business in Settle would shock most people. It can be a tough business climate.

        2. I’m starting to empathize with the lazy panhandlers. Seattleites are so dumb they’ll give anyone $50 for a bag of air or some feels. Pretty funny. I bought 2 a few Top Pot donuts last week and almost spit out my $10 kombucha when she rang them up.

  1. Sorry to see it go but maybe need another nail spa salon or higher priced donut shop or a hobo beer and cheap tobacco store . What ever it will be it will not be new and exciting bet that !

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