Scenes from Ballard’s Night Out block parties

If you drove through Ballard last night, you probably noticed that nearly every other residential street was closed for block parties. We wandered around Sunset Hill and central Ballard to get photos of some of the festivities.

Our local fire brigade was cruising around the neighborhood and stopped at a block party on 32nd Ave NW and NW 62nd St. The neighbors were getting a tour of the firetruck, with one lucky kid learning how to tie handcuffs on a fireman.

One reader sent the below photo: “Thought I’d share our neighbor’s ingenius block party feature for the kiddos last night — he fashioned a kiddie pool out of a rowboat! Brilliant!”

The block party at 22nd Ave NW and NW 65th St invited a Brazilian music ensemble to play. The stage was a front lawn, with a few wooden benches set up in the street for the audience.

There were hundreds of block parties happening all over the city last night as part of the annual Seattle Night Out event, aimed at getting neighbors to know one another and to promote neighborhood safety. (Learn more here)

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  1. Nice to see neighbors getting together and meeting each other, lots of new people moving into Ballard. When I was a kid growing up it seemed like you knew just about everybody in the neighborhood, now you’re lucky if you know your next door neighbor.

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