Motorcyclist in stable condition following collision near Shilshole Marina

A man is in serious but stable condition after sustaining serious injuries from colliding with a vehicle near Shilshole Marina yesterday morning.

According to Seattle Police, the collision happened at 9:57am on Tuesday morning in the 7100 block of Seaview Ave. NW. A BMW station wagon was travelling north while a motorcycle was travelling south. The BMW driver turned left in front of the motorcycle and the vehicles collided; the 52-year-old man driving the motorcycle was ejected from the impact. SPD says he suffered significant injuries and was transported to Harborview Medical Center.

The 81-year-old motorist was uninjured* in the collision. SPD says detectives from the Traffic Collision Investigation Squad (TCIS) responded and processed the scene; the incident remains an active and ongoing investigation.

*Typo correction from an earlier version of this story.

14 thoughts to “Motorcyclist in stable condition following collision near Shilshole Marina”

  1. I’m sure the motorcycle was speeding going straight ahead. They do very often down there- It’s fun !
    81 is not too old to drive at all !!!that comment was rude. Lots of elderly people live at Sunset West , have boats at Shilshole turning left is something they have done for years with care. It is not an area set up for speeding. Good lesson for all to slow down.
    Also people don’t get to be 81 driving a BMW without being kind ,smart and cautious.

    On the other hand thrill seekers who drive motorcycles too fast always bite it “ doing what they love” selfish reckless people are the only ones who drive motorcycles & 50 is way too old to be on the City streets on a motorcycle
    Grow up ! Or die young ….

    1. You clearly don’t understand how this works. You can’t defend one 81 year old that you don’t know because some are fine driving at that age, while saying the motorcyclist was likely speeding because when a couple do, that means they all do.

      If you weren’t there, you don’t get to make assumptions.

      (2 cents from your friendly-ish stroller-pushing, car-driving, bicycle and motorcycle-riding Ballard neighbor)

    2. Wow, you have all people nailed. You are so smart. We should all hope to be like you and judge people we don’t know. People suck…except you of course!

    3. You are correct, 81 is not to old to drive (for some people) but any age should not be turning left in front of on-coming traffic. Clearly he was not “doing it with care” because he caused a collision and serious injury. It doesn’t matter if he lives in Sunset West and has been making that left turn for years. It also doesn’t matter what the age of the motor cyclist was or even if he was speeding. (which we have no idea if he was and is an odd assumption on your part) – a driver should have the necessary vision and cognitive processes to judge the speed and location of the on-coming vehicle.

  2. The only thing I know about the crash is the age of the people involved, but my total ignorance of all other facts here won’t stop me from making pointless and nasty assertions about the injured and traumatized people involved. I mean, they are strangers to me right? And I don’t care if these people or their loved ones ever see this and are further upset by my comments because I am a horrible person who is ugly on the inside. I have nothing better to do with my sad life than to tap tap tap out nasty comments on Neighborhood news sites. It’s my hobby! Weeeeee!

  3. curious as to how so many down-votes are possible based on number of comments?

    Agree that lack of backstory does not detract from people making judgements here!

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