Update on proposed seven-story apartment building next to Caffe Fiore

There’s been an updated application for the seven-story apartment building proposed to squeeze into the parking lot between Caffe Fiore and Ballard Landmark (5409 Leary Ave NW). The new details of the application indicate that there would be 48 small efficiency dwelling units and general sales and service, with no parking proposed.

The application also includes a proposal to rezone the 4,395 sq. ft. portion of land from Neighborhood Commercial 3-65′ to Neighborhood Commercial 3-75′(M).

The new project is proposed by Skidmore Janette, the same architectural firm that designed Stoneburner in the Olympic Club Hotel.

Comments on the application will be accepted through Sept. 24.


32 thoughts to “Update on proposed seven-story apartment building next to Caffe Fiore”

    1. I’m a big fan of the “no car” requirement for buildings with no parking. We currently “enforce” no smoking or no pets so why not find a way to enforce no cars?

      1. The policy isn’t that you can’t smoke or you can’t have a dog, it’s just that you can’t have it/do it in the apartment.

    2. Quite a number of people under 35 in Seattle have no vehicle. If these units are priced affordably with a “no-car” requirement, it would still rent out in a heartbeat.

  1. We don’t need more apartments. We need office buildings to be closer to the apartments already here. City planning at its finest, while we continue to just be a bedroom community for downtown, while we warehouse workaday employees, with bums and druggies and all in our parks. And, a lot of these apartments are of poor quality, so look forward to slum ballard in about 20 years when all this out of town quick money sells out after making their quick bucks. Think south side of Chicago for reference.

    Some of you folks just don’t get it. And, give a shout out to Mayor Ed with his HALA nonsense and your District 6 council clown Mike O’Brien while you are at it.

        1. I’m curious what makes you think “crappy construction.” They have to build to code, which includes seismic rigor. Do you have evidence of massive building code fraud or that our building codes do not provide for solid and durable residential buildings?

          1. Nobody said not building to code – that is a really dumb statement Wally. On the other hand quality, design, sound-proofing, floor plans and cheap-ass flooring, energy efficiency – like window size, placement and cross ventilation/ solar gain in summer requiring the tenant to be uncomfortable or use expensive air conditioning, and cheap trendy fixtures (that meet code of course) – are typically not protected by building codes. Some of these places will be trashed in 10, not 20 years. The Ballard Public Lofts building on 24th is a good example of how not to build, though I think that was built with local money.

          2. My detractors, have you actually been in a BPL apartment? If you have, you will know what I mean. How was your warm summer if you live here on the south or west side of the building? What’s it sound like when your roomie wanders in on a Saturday night and climbs up the metal stairs to the loft with her shoes on?

          3. The townhouses on my block are on their third set of decks. That’s crappy construction.

    1. If you think that what caused Chicago’s South Side to be what it is today and the current densification of Ballard have ANYTHING in common, you sir are a genuine, bona-fide, electrified six-car, moron.

      But we already knew that.

  2. How long will it take for the idiots to realize they bought at the top?

    But seriously folks, won’t this just make all those OAC members worse as they speed around looking for last minute parking before Zumba, Spin and Yoga?

  3. “small efficiency dwelling”

    is this code for “free homeless housing for junkies”?

    great, can’t wait to invite more undesirables to ruin the neighborhood with dirty needles and garbage piles.

    1. John, I can’t think of a single instance of open-market SEDU’s being built as “free homeless housing for junkies” anywhere in Seattle. I don’t know what Nyer-Urness House units are like but it’s a Compass property, and this one is not insofar as their filings state. Can you help enlighten me here?

    2. No it means single rooms with hot plates so all of the baristas and cooks and sales clerks in high end boutiques can afford to live in Ballard. Of course they will only be able to afford these tenements with a room mate. It’s ‘cool’ in Ballard didn’t you know that? Being near lots off bars is sooooo much more important than a decent place to live. Dang people are stupid.

      1. There is a word for people who rely on on-street parking and complain bitterly that new residents may ALSO rely on on-street parking…

        Alas, free plentiful on-street parking is not a basic human right. It would be kind of nice if that were even possible in a place where many people want to live and work and attend Zumba classes.

  4. yassss! I’m hella stoked! gawd to get my hands on one ov these units .. please! then instead ov my 7 min walk to olympic ath.. it will be 2min!!! fucking finally!

    1. Huh? Not sure who you’re pretending to be or mock here. Most of the people going to OAC are normal adults. You sound like a fine upstanding citizen though!

      1. I’m not a fine upstanding citizen.. but I can still afford my 80 dollar monthly membership! And I’m not pretending nor mocking.. I’m genuinely stoked.. ahahaaaaaa ahahaaaaa

  5. The new building needs to have a lawn in front for lots of tents, a needle exchange in the lobby, and a bike lane in front.

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