Tall ships Hawaiian Chieftain and Lady Washington to pass through Locks Thursday

If you missed the tall ships last week, you now have a second chance to watch the Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain pass through the Ballard Locks on Thursday, Sept. 13. The historic ships have been in Lake Washington since the 7th, offering tours and sails to the public. On Thursday they’ll be leaving Seattle, bound for Olympia.

While they can’t give us an exact time that they’ll be passing through the Locks, Zachary Stocks from Historical Seaport tells My Ballard it should be before lunchtime.

Another way to track the boats, if you’re so inclined, is to look for them on shipfinder.co, which is a real-time map of registered vessels. (Zoom in on Seattle and you may be able to spot them.)

Photo by Rick Horn/Historical Seaport


18 thoughts to “Tall ships Hawaiian Chieftain and Lady Washington to pass through Locks Thursday”

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      Honestly though, those ships are freaking cool looking.

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  2. Shipfinder doesn’t work well, and it costs $3.99. Findship, otoh, works well and is free, plus it found both ships still docked right now over in Kirkland.

    1. I’m using Shipfinder and not paying. Trying Findship also but I can’t find Lady Washington on either of them only the Hawaiian Chieftain

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