Ballard Food Bank needs volunteers

The Ballard Food Bank (5130 Leary Ave NW) has made an announcement that they’re looking for new volunteers. They currently have over 135 volunteers who help out, but say they need help with the following:

Front Desk Volunteer Help clients check in (good computer skills are necessary.

Grocery Recovery Driver Help collect food from grocery recovery partners. Must be able to drive a 17-foot box truck with mirrors, and will have to acquire a Food Handler’s Permit within 30 days of start date.

Warehouse Volunteer Unload trucks, sort food, and stock. Must be able to do heavy lifting.

Hygiene Volunteer Package hygiene items, organize, and assist clients.

Closing Helper Assisting with closing and clean-up chores for 30-60 minutes after last client is served.

Volunteer hours are available between 8am – 7pm on Mondays and Thursdays, and 8am – 4pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. To learn more or to apply to be a volunteer, click here.

23 thoughts to “Ballard Food Bank needs volunteers”

  1. Funny. I see hundreds of people daily who, instead of working, just lay about getting high, stealing, and begging. Maybe these folks would volunteer to help others, since they have so much time on their hands.
    Haha just kidding. This is Seattle.

    Anyway, thanks to the volunteers and others who work hard to help those are suffering from hunger.

      1. Seattle gets “offended” when confronted with honest assessments of reality, Bam.
        GCW, take transit from Sodo, through Downtown or Capitol Hill, then thru U-Dist to Ballard. The city is packed full of entitled druggies paid for by taxpayers and used as a political instrument. Welcome to the West Coast.

    1. I didn’t “volunteer” my check I had to write to the IRS this year. It was confiscatory. Much like people’s weekly paychecks are. This place needs to be handing out fishing poles. “If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, if you teach him to fish and give him a pole, he eats for a lifetime”. Why aren’t the dummycrats handing out fishing poles? Getting as many people on their programs is “success” to them. Getting as many people OFF these programs is “success” to me/conservatives. Is it a hand up or a hand out? Safety net or hammock? You make that choice. I guess that makes me PRO-choice!!!

      1. And when Seattle tried to shift some of the burden to Jeff Bezos? Where were you? You were rushing to protect his billions: “Noooo! Pay for everything with property taxes and sales taxes! I like it this way!” You don’t know what you want.

        I like your free college tuition idea though. Too bad the “conservative” federal budget spikes the deficit to over $800 billion. Who gets all that money?

        1. Feeding the genuinely needy is important, but bludgeoning taxpayers with “muh Bezos!” to force them to pay for junkie campers is a the lowest kind of liberalism. You guys used to be better than this. Now, we get to watch our cities get wrecked by junkies while we’re forced to foot the bill and any valid criticisms of the city govt’s failures are dismissed as “Trumper Altright Nazi Hate”. Juvenile.

          Fun fact: most the Amazombies are liberals, same with the Silicon Valley CEOs. Get your head fixed. Scamming/thieving junkies were a problem in Seattle long before Amz blew in and took over, and no amount of “affordable housing” or handouts will make them stop being degenerate addicts. Heroin has a 90% relapse rate. Letting them camp all over the city is by far the stupidest thing ever conceived in an already delusional city.

  2. Volunteered there for a year. Very nice well deserving people go through there. Even people who work full time, which is absolutely unacceptable but nowadays it’s either you have money or you don’t.

  3. not sure why, but when the food bank was up on 24th it seemed way less sketchy – every time i go past the “new” location there are lots of sketchers around. i assume this another reason we have so many vagrants around – free food. stock up that RV….

    1. You know what’s sketchy? Posting as “Afro Guy and the Library Dope Gang”, and then coming back and posting again as “guesty”. Also making fake conversations talking to yourself as “Buxom Lady” and “Blue Haired Feminazis”. Sketchy! Posting as Scott and Scott D., ranting about “soyboys”. How much more sketchy can it get?

      This perpetual posting of slander and attacks on so many classes of people is offensive to us all. Your disrespect for the people who volunteer at the food bank is disgusting. Why don’t you just stop? Quit already. Everyone hates you. You know that, right?

      1. i post as guesty, and guesty only you raving nutter.

        i also made not a single remark about people that volunteer there, you are delusional.

        your childish insults are strange and sound an awful lot like cyber-bullying. frankly i’m surprised the site allows you to post personal attacks.

        now, i will hang my head and weep, as you have hurt my feelings.

          1. Or this gem?

            Old guesty/guest who would never ever ever post on 27 other fake names doesn’t like personal attacks, huh? And CYBER BULLYING! Oh, my. You disapprove of cyber bullying?

            You’re a disgusting piece of shit. If you want this site to be free of garbage personal attacks and bullying, how about this: stop posting.

          2. I picked this garbage only because it was recent and easy to find. If you want a full accounting of your long history of bullying and personal attacks, we can do that. If you want evidence of your sock puppetry, we can do that too. But why? You’re not fooling anybody.

          3. Yeah, I didn’t think you’d have any explanation for that. The alt-right all-purpose comback when you don’t have a thought in your head is durrrrrr trigggggggurd. Pathetic.

          4. Haha, elenchos. Only you would keep track of all the times you’ve been roasted in a comments section. You haven’t been hitting the meth pipe with your pals at the Commons, have you? It tends to create psychosis.

  4. Hm maybe if they don’t get enough volunteers they will shut it down and the junkies will be forced to go somewhere else to get their free handouts. Sounds like a win win!

      1. The Sith are selfish they think inward only about themselves. The Jedi are selfless they care about others. John Smith is a Sith Lord most likely

  5. I helped install some shelving at another food bank. It was hard work, but rewarding. These places are mostly volunteer run, and they need all the help they can get, there’s always more need. I recommend anyone who has some time to commit take a walk on down and ask how they can help out.

  6. Putting out bird seed and then complaining about pigeons.

    It’s about as effective as commenting here so Elenchos can spend a day pecking away.

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