Funnel cloud spotted from Ballard

Matt Crissman was shopping in Ballard around 12:30 p.m. today (Sunday) when he spotted a funnel cloud in the distance to the west.

“(I) was about to walk into Fred Meyer and thought, damn, I really need to film this!” he told My Ballard. So naturally, he recorded it on video and posted it on Twitter:

The National Weather Service in Seattle responded to his tweet, acknowledging it appeared to be a funnel cloud, which are much weaker than tornadoes and don’t touch the ground. It’s unclear if this one was over Ballard proper or over the water in Elliott Bay.

“Back in college, I actually started as a meteorology major, so it’s still a hobby for me,” Matt said. “The radar had been crazy all morning so (I) knew something could happen.”

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7 thoughts to “Funnel cloud spotted from Ballard”

  1. Funnel cloud! It must be evidence of… something? Who wants to begin? How does this funnel cloud prove what you’ve been saying?

  2. These images are at the least frightening … Unfortunately Mother Nature does not choose places or people, and when she arrives, we have to know how to safeguard and accept that we can not control.

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