Nordic happenings: Leif Erikson fundraiser and 112th bazaar

If you need a reminder of your Nordic roots, you’ll have a couple opportunities this fall, with the annual Ski for Light fundraiser and 112th Leif Erikson bazaar in the coming weeks.

Ski for Light is a dinner to raise money for cross-country skiing instruction for the visually and mobility impaired, happening on Saturday, Sept. 22 at the Leif Erikson Hall (2245 NW 57th St). The skiing group meets every other Saturday through the winter at the Sons of Norway Trollhaugen Recreation Area near Stampede Pass. For the dinner, they’ll be serving alder cooked salmon or cod, with a social half-hour at 6:30pm and dinner to follow. Music will be by Nordic Reflections; tickets are $25. Make reservations by calling Erling Berg (206) 362-0629 or the Leif Erikson Hall office (206) 783-1274.

The 112th bazaar is in October, and brings all things Nordic to the free, two-day event at the Leif Erikson Lodge. “Have some family fun while enjoying Nordic food from our tastefully designed sandwiches to the delicate krumkake cone and the hearty ertesuppe/pea soup, lapskaus/lamb stew, and rømmegrøt, a silky sour cream porridge,” the organizers write. They’ll be selling books, antiques, collectibles and have spot raffles with prizes such as gift certificates to local restaurants and businesses, plus a cash prize of $1200.

Items for sale will include rosemaling, (Norway’s folk painting), by Judy’s Painted Treasures; Nordic Folklore including unique paintings of Nordic costumes and unique gifts; American Girl doll dresses and more by Connie; Handmade by Hansen with children’s clothes and jewelry; and jewelry from Sons of Norway.

The bazaar will be held Oct. 20 and 21, from 10am to 4pm on Saturday, and 11am to 4pm on Sunday.  Free admission and free parking in designated local parking lots for the event only.

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  1. Not enough diversity and “Nordic” is openly racist.
    Time for some upzoning, taxes, and safe injection sites, you privileged Ballard voters.

    1. Hello!

      This article is on the 112th Leif Erikson bazaar.
      Your comment is on a whole slew of irrelevant musings.

      🐘 Therefore…oh wait I already said it: Irrelevant! 🐘

    1. They reopened two weeks ago with a full menu and booze/wine/beer. It’s phenomenal food. The distillery is out of bidniss but she sells a very big selection of aquavit. Go or be sad. Open only weekends for now: Friday, Saturday 1 – 9, Sunday 11 – 5.

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