October Ballard ArtWalk is this Saturday

The monthly Ballard ArtWalk is coming up this weekend, happening Saturday, Oct. 13 from 6 to 9pm. The free event takes place in businesses all over downtown Ballard, with art, music, and food.

Some of the highlights this month include shoe-tattooist Jeff Cornell at Market Street Shoes, a Halloween Art Party and Fashion Show at Le Merde, and some intriguing art from Morbid Anatomy at Ballyhoo Curiosity Shop.

The venues and their exhibits are the following:

For a map and more information about the ArtWalk, click here.

Photos courtesy Ballard ArtWalk’s Facebook page

16 thoughts to “October Ballard ArtWalk is this Saturday”

  1. Shoe tattooist?
    Does he doodle on converse hi tops with felt marker too?
    Maybe we can get a professional paper airplane folder in there sometime.

    1. That’s actually a ‘thing’ – customized shoes. I’ve never cared about my shoes enough to do something like that, but I know people that just love it.

  2. There’s a wonderful interactive installation on Ballard Commons called “The Honey Bucket”. The trick is, apparently, to walk past it and take a dump by the library.

        1. No man, we call them “deplorables” and laugh when they lose their jobs and vote for people we hate. See how that works?

    1. They’ve got their flannels to point to their youthful grunge heritage, but they’ve also got on vegan sneakers, clean, probably freshly washed jeans with no holes, and a music stand so they don’t forget their lyrics. We shall call them ‘Dadvana’. Or ‘Dadgarden’. ‘Dad Jam’. ‘Dad-is In Vans’.

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