Councilmember Mike O’Brien to discuss city budget at upcoming public meeting

Ballard’s City Councilmember Mike O’Brien will be hosting a public meeting this weekend to discuss city budget priorities. The meeting will be Sunday, Oct. 21 from 2 to 4pm at the Phinney Neighborhood Association (6532 Phinney Ave N).

“I hope that you can join me, my staff and residents of District 6 for a conversation between neighbors so that we can determine budget priorities together,” O’Brien says on his website.

“I will give a short presentation about the budget process, review the Mayor’s proposed budget, and share changes that I am considering. I then look forward to the opportunity to hear your input. If you are not able to attend, please call or email your suggestions or attend one of the public hearing opportunities at City Hall.”

If you want to brush up on the city’s current budget, click here.

32 thoughts to “Councilmember Mike O’Brien to discuss city budget at upcoming public meeting”

  1. Typical passive aggressive O’Brien tactics:
    “Hey come to the meeting in a couple days on a weekend I’m sure you didn’t already make plans. Love ya!”

    1. Funny, I usually hear people complain how they can’t attend weekday meetings because they have to work.

      Where’s your priorities? If it’s that important for you to throw your rotten tomatoes at him maybe break your precious plans.

      1. More than 3 days notice would be professional. But in any case, it would be pointless to throw rotten tomatoes at a rotten egg.

  2. In all seriousness, here’s a chance to hopefully get some questions asked. Find out what these ‘changes’ he speaks of are. For everyone here who beeotches about homeless people, here’s your chance to ask him how he feels the policies are working for Ballard and Greenwood.

    1. Dump the chump. And it isn’t the “homeless”, Genius; it’s the feral junkies who commit crimes with impunity and their enablers in City Hall. Conflating the poor with the thieving junkies is a simple-minded shaming tactic that completely misrepresents the real problem.

      1. “Junkies” are addicts who are often also homeless people due to their poor life choices, Genius. Not understanding the breadth and scope of the homeless problem – by assuming they’re all ‘poor, down on their luck’ people, is what’s gotten us into this compassion quagmire to begin with.

  3. Same ol’ story. Pretend to have new ideas. Reject all ideas. Continue to do the same ol’
    with a two bit smile and laying seed for a new sub group of homeless, namely people on a fixed income who can not afford the continuing increasing property taxes.

  4. He sounds terrible! What an incompetent! If he’s that awful I’d be to embarrassed to show my face EVER again if I lost an election to somebody this bad. If you lose to Mike O’Brien you must be pathetic. Imagine losing to him twice. Or THREE times! Ouch. Ouchy ouch! I’d crawl into a hole and never come out.

    It was at least close, right? Tell me it was at least close.

      1. True. Exactly the same. Trump won by, let’s see… 46.4 minus 48.5 equals… um… -2.1? He “won” by negative 2.1 points. Whatever that means. Maybe there’s some complicated explanation for the negative point spread. What matters is that it’s Just like O’Brien. Because um… 57.96 minus 22.32 is… 35.6 points? Do you get 35.6 over there? I get 35.6, which is a very very similar number to -2.1. Thanks for that insightful comparison between these two very similar elections.

        1. Huh, yeah looks like that one burns still and one could argue Trump, like O’Brien/Sawant et al was the result of a bunch of idiots as well. We’ll see how this all pans out nationally, but locally your boy has certainly been a complete and utter disaster for Seattle. Congrats.

          You guys have been gunning for the Big Orange Idiot for years to no avail, so pardon my skepticism about any “solutions” to the junkie camper disaster the local Dems have to offer.

          1. Oh be quiet. He just owned you. Get over it and find a candidate to run against O’Brien. Or you do it.

  5. Seattle’s revenues in 2017 and 2018 were and will be the highest ever, both exceeding forecasts. O’Brien will explain why there’s a shortfall, why the overspending wasn’t irresponsible under these circumstances.
    Or else he won’t.

  6. Tigers NEVER change their stripes. This guy is planning on using people more and more. In fact, he now simply uses the druggies and the tax payers as “natural resources”. 1 is used as an excuse to take from others. Now THIS is quite a scheme. Without this chaos WTF would he and many others have to do? 1 thing for sure is he and his pals would have less reason to raise taxes and pit people against others. I want all his supporters to proudly stick his sign in their front yards. I crossed him with a potato and got a Dictator!

    1. Enjoy a nice soda pop along with that popcorn. Word is the City Council now has more money from the soda tax than they know what to do with, so they’re gonna blow it on junkies. Yep.

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