Nail salon and mattress store coming to ‘The Terminal’ shopping area

The Terminal at Ballard shopping area on NW Ballard Way will soon have two new tenants: a nail salon and mattress store are set to open early next year.

The nail salon, called Pink Polish, will have spa treatments, eyelash extensions, nail treatments and waxing. The mattress store will be Mattress Firm, which is a nationwide specialty mattress retailer — they operate in 49 states around the country.

The new businesses will be next to AT&T and the recently opened Habit Burger. New Seasons, which opened in May, is across the parking lot.

The Terminal is owned by CenterCal Properties, which owns and operates shopping areas and malls in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and California.

Photo by CenterCal Properties

8 thoughts to “Nail salon and mattress store coming to ‘The Terminal’ shopping area”

  1. Oh thank god, a nail salon! I hope they let my pitty num num get his paw-nails done, too. And please offer a social justice special so the junkie vagrants can get a nice mani-pedi before they break in to the salon at night.

    1. Bzzzzzzzt… and reality says: if crime and decay were having this impact, where are the empty storefronts? Tenants are clamoring for any space they can get. Step away from the keyboard and go outside for once.

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