Man stabbed after chasing tire slashers in Ballard

A 34-year-old man is in serious condition after being stabbed on Friday night in Ballard.

He was reportedly acting as a good Samaritan — he chased down two people who were seen slashing tires who then turned on him.

According to Q13, the incident happened on the 600 block of NW 45th St. The suspects are described as being two young men.

If you have any information that could help with the investigation, contact Seattle Police on their non-emergency line, 206-625-5011.

Photo from Google Maps

106 thoughts to “Man stabbed after chasing tire slashers in Ballard”

  1. Boy, this is going to bring out the comments. I’m not surprised these guys have turned violent, they’re meth fueled druggies. The worthless mayors office and city council have allowed this problem to fester, they’ve done little to nothing to stop it. I was driving thru the commons and made eye contact with some homeless punk and was given a menacing and threatening stare. Sadly this human waste is all over Ballard, it needs to be cleaned up and driven out. Are there homeless camping in Madison Park or Laurelhurst, I don’t think so. Why in Ballard?

    1. This is sad to hear. I work in Laurelhurst and have had my office burglarized during the day, often have people camping in and around our building, and I recently saw a woman shooting up something in front of our building during the daytime. Homelessness and drug addiction is not specific to a neighborhood.

      1. Takes way less than 10 lines to have you foaming at the mouth from Trump, or anybody disagreeing with you. How you deal with daily life when your eyes are shut so tight we’ll never know. Perhaps owning this mess you and your leftist pals have created here would be a good start. Dude, smoke this………..

    2. This is getting to be a bad area. A guy has lit on fire a while back and I’ve seen 3 rv fires in this same area in the last 2 yeears

    3. I like what you have to say and will up vote you. Sadly, many here seem to want and adore this crazy stuff. Being I’m now 60 and have lived here all my life I think I have a damn good opinion on things and what I see daily. I guess some here just require their house being broken into or their auto stolen, being raped, or worse yet being murdered. It seems it’s then and ONLY then some will wake the F up. I ask again why is it being a “good democrat” mean pretending and or looking the other way? The word IF is for children.

    1. Yeah, you’re probably right. I’m sure they were just a couple of Elenchos’ harmless pets engaging in “survival crimes.”

    2. ReaderX, you should spend some time at the Fred Meyer store, near here. Ask the clerks about the meth heads they see there on a daily basis, and have to deal with them. Your dumb-ass comment will be refuted with facts – lots of them.

      1. Wading through so many complete and created morons is so much fun ain’t it? Is every day a cartoon for people like reader X? I mean, Wyle E. Coyote did come back every time after going off that cliff, right? If today’s Ballard is the norm, WTF can we all then expect in the next 5 years?

    3. You might be right.
      These tire slashers might just be warriors again climate change.
      And the good Samaritan? Maybe just chalk that up to unfortunate collateral damage in the resistance to Trump.

    4. We are living in Bizerkley North sport. There are like 4-5-6 Trump supporters around town, and you blame them for all of YOUR problems? Classic case of TDS, where the cure is growing a set, becoming an adult, where you own things and don’t want them taxed and or stolen. Is this “red meat” all you piss ants have to offer? If it were Obumble’s with THIS economy you’d be having multiple orgasms, again. He never got the GDP to 3% you fool. NEVER. And WTF was hope and change again? I hoped FOR change, and got it!

      1. I remember as a child my mom going to Texaco and telling the attendant “fill it up with ethyl” and I always wondered “who is this Ethyl woman”.

  2. This poor man is a hero.

    The criminals are the Seattle City Council.
    Throwing Seattle under the bus to promote their misguided agenda.

    1. Hero = idiot.

      Stabbed to avenge an innocent, defenseless car tire. Perhaps the grateful car tires of Seattle will present their hero with the keys to the cit? Oh, wait, no, they won’t, because car tires are lifeless lumps of inanimate rubber that DON’T FCKING MATTER.

      Kids, don’t be idiots. They make 89 zillion new car tires every day, and not one of them is worth getting stabbed over. Ten thousand thousand thousand car tires are not worth dying over.

      1. true, but there in lies the problem. when you just allow others to destroy and a use it becomes norm. and here we are. you are right , a tire is not worth getting stabbed. yet some of us cannot afford to nuy new tires on a monthly basis.
        AND! how dare you belittle the heroic efforts of an upstanding individual with such a cheap comment.

        we should all be commending his effort. what if it were you or yours that he were defending?

        1. “how dare you belittle the heroic efforts ”

          Typical fascist intimidation. I dare because it’s true. If the truth offends your ideology, maybe your ideology is shit.

          “some of us cannot afford to nuy new tires on a monthly basis”

          You are not buying new tires every month, lying sack of shit. See what I said above about truth.

          “upstanding individual ” = hero = idiot

          “we should all be commending his effort”

          No. We should all tell the truth. Don’t be a cocksucker. Tell the truth.

          1. You are just a pillar of wisdom…..somewhere. Come up with that after your 4th or 5th beer? Or, maybe you are just another doper?

          2. Fascist intimidation? It is ironic that you would call someone else a fascist while escalating, intimidating and shouting someone with an opposing viewpoint down. I have lived in developing countries and War zones and I have been watching what is going on in East Ballard every single day from my office window. The dysfunction that exists in this city is second to none. I have personally had more than $18,000 in personal and business expenses due to drug related theft and vandalism this year. The residents and employees in Ballard are sick of providing sanctuary to RV renting ne’er-do-wells. The scofflaws, drug dealers and predators who have used the the cover of “homelessness” as a means to live free from the expectation of common courtesy respect and restraint are no longer welcome. Yesterday I saw a woman pull her pants down and take a shit on the sidewalk on Leary and 4 minutes later I saw a pimp arrested for being too rough with the woman he has been forcing into prostitution. The rank and file are finallyfinally starting to push back against the criminal element that has come into the neighborhood due to the lack of oversight on the part of the city. This occurrence is incredibly unfortunate and unnecessary but I do not think it will be the last. In fact it is probably just the beginning.

          3. Not related to this incident, but certainly another data point. As I write this SPD is at the Commons. Now in custody, some black dude, medium build, 30’s, in cuffs. Six bicycle officers involved, police van and a couple more officers on site. Enough of this horseshit – bad guys living in plain sight and being fed at St. Lukes while hanging out at The Commons and using services at the Urban Rest stop. This has to change.

          4. So you bitch and moan and complain when they don’t arrest anybody? And when the DO arrest somebody, here you are. Bitching. Moaning. Complaining.

            See the pattern? You’re not in this because you want the law enforced. You’re not interested in the crime rate going up or down. You don’t even understand what that is. Even when they arrest a black man! Your favorite kind of police action, and still it’s not enough for you.

            You’re here to bitch, that’s all. It’s all about the complain for you, and you’ll bellyache no matter what. Whiny little bitch.

          5. Wow JB1TDMF0TP, you’re the biggest dbag I’ve ever seen here. Congratulations! Tell me again about bitching too, it’s really interesting.

          6. Potty mouth whiner, and not enough brain power to illuminate a kid’s bedroom nightlight. Bet you are just delightful at work, that is if you actually do. Kind of cold and dark in Mom’s basement.? Chill out dude. Take a walk. Get some vitamin D. Suppose you could even expand your eighth grade vocabulary.

          7. Wow!

            Just when I thought that I’d never see a more extreme level of idiocy and jackassery than the likes of hayduke, uff da, and elenchos (yes, both extremes are equally moronic), along comes JD1TDMF0TP and knocks it outta the park!

            Congratulations JD1TDMF0TP! You have dragged the commentary on this neighborhood blog down to a new, idiotic, homophobic, misogynistic, hate-filled low! We’re all just a little more stupid for having read your inane rants from a truly disturbed mind.


          8. Oh look, it’s our resident neighborhood traitor and crime apologist.
            Go eat Dan Savage’s dick.

  3. Why didn’t he just call the police and wait 2 hours for them to arrive and do nothing like a good Seattle resident. In Seattle we don’t believe in law enforcement…unless of course you park a car worth more than $20,000 for 2 hours and one minute in a two hour zone! In which case you will be fined immediately. If you live in your car you’re good, laws don’t apply to you.

    Also be reminded camping in a public park, school, or business doorway is totally ok. Building a place for your 70+ year old parents to live in your backyard is completely prohibited, and without applying for 100+ permits you will never receive, you will receive a citation within hours of starting any type of construction work.

    The irony in all of this is that Sawant’s biggest new tent camp supporter is president Trump and they are increasingly sounding like the same person. Who knew the left and right could go so off the rails that they would meet back in the center, of some alternative universe.

  4. When speaking on the garbage of Ballard and need to clean it up we are Trump supporters ? Yes I voted for Trump and not for more weird dysfunctional America and there is no Freedom in Ballard to walk in peace or shop in peace or ride the stinking 40 metro bus in peace !

  5. I’ve only seen white homeless people and white criminals commit crimes in Ballard. I would not be surprised that they were white young males.

    I pray that good Samaritan has a speedy recovery for his good efforts.

    1. And of course Elenchos and her gaggle of admirers downvoted you for wishing the victim a speedy recovery. They hate law biding citizens, and and they label anyone that doesn’t embrace and welcome vagrants to as “priviledged NIMBYs.” Especially ones that try to thwart miscreants from engaging in “survival crimes.” In their fevered little brains the only true victims in our society are our harmless and lovable tweaker friends homefreeing it down near Fred Meyer.

  6. Why do so many of you (comments, downvotes). seem to want the status quo? Do you think everything is fine in Ballard? I just don’t understand. I am misunderstanding?

    Do some of you think there is no problem, that Ballard has not gotten significantly worse in the past few years?

    In my former city (east coast) I volunteered at a homeless soup kitchen. I helped many people. It is very different here. Perhaps if you have no point of comparison that’s hard to see. It is bad here, and we as a community can rise to the occasion and help each other or get bogged down in ideals.

    1. We down vote because we know that the whiners do nothing other than whine and blame others. Seattle is NOT special and every city and town in the US has the same issue. It’s all based on the inequality that increases every day in a country where everyone thinks he or she is really just middle class and refuses to admit their privilege.

      We have old Scandinavians who look back with rose colored glasses and newbie techies who are suburbanites at heart who want a city to be like where they grew up. Neither will ever happen so all the gnashing of teeth has become a huge joke. Down votes are really just our laughing at both sides.

      1. Thank you for the reasoned answer.

        I live in the neighborhood where the stabbing happened. It wasn’t anything like this even 5 years ago. Things have changed.

        I certainly do something about it. I fight back every way I can.

        I don’t believe it can’t improve. That this is just inevitable. I’ve lived in a large city that manages it homeless population well. It’s certainly possible. But we need new leadership.

        1. There were 9 aggravated assaults in police beat B1 in 2013, five years ago.

          In 2018, there were 9 aggravated assaults.

          “I don’t believe it can’t improve”

          The population of B1 increased by close to 20% in the last five years. Crime has remained flat. Burglaries and robberies are about the same. Car thefts have actually decreased slightly. There continued to be about 1 rape every three years, four over the last 11 years, in B1, even as the population grows.

          The crime rate has DECLINED. YOU ARE SAFER. NOT LESS SAFE.


          These dumb hucksters are lying and you are being fooled. Hyping crime is how they make money. “If it bleeds, it leads”. Ever heard that? They keep you glued to the screen by scaring you. It’s literally their job.

          1. How would you even know if it did? Your keen crime sense is obviously not worth a shit. Would you wait for Q13 to tell you? Their job is to hype crime, not tell you the truth.

            If you want things to get better, start with yourself. Get a grip on the facts and stop believing garbage.

      2. “Seattle is NOT special and every city and town in the US has the same issue. It’s all based on the inequality that increases every day in a country where everyone thinks he or she is really just middle class and refuses to admit their privilege.”

        Guess again, sport. Housing costs are even higher over on the eastside in Redmond and Bellevue. Do you see rows of tents, tweaker RV’s, and mounds of trash all over the place there? Yet somehow most people who aren’t “priviledged” manage to get through life without assaulting other people.

  7. Dear MyBallard publishers…..

    Please check the SPD crime reports if there are any property crimes reported associated with this tragic incident.

    When you don’t find any, ask SPD how could it be that multiple car tires were slashed, but the crime statistics show zero property crime.

    As someone who lives near here, and have had multiple broken car windows, stuff stolen out of my back yard, and damage to my house. I called in every single one, was told to make an online filing for each one, and checked the crime reports only to find that zero of my property theft or damage made it.


    1. Exactly. The crime map and stats are not accurate. The Social Justice Tumors love to dream up wild Russian conspiracies but the city hiding and obscuring their own failures is INCONCEIVABLE and BASELESS PARANOIA.

  8. There are a lot of assumptions being made in the comments. How do we know that it wasn’t someone living in an RV/car who got their tires slashed, and then chased after the perpetrators? How do we know that the perpetrators weren’t messed up teens/young adults who thought it would be fun to mess with someone who fits the target of most of our neighborhood’s vitriol? Overall, news reports have lacked any detail and I haven’t seen anything with any eyewitness statements, and all reporting on it has been minimal. I’m not saying that this is the case, only that we seem eager to jump to conclusions about the socioeconomic status of all involved, and we should challenge our own assumptions. We risk letting our own fears and prejudices whip us up into a mob-frenzy.

      1. Thanks, Greg. I hadn’t seen that story yet. It’s the first I’ve seen that has involved someone who knew the victim.

        I appreciate the crime stats and the case that JB(etc) is making though. Fear is a powerful emotion, and I’ve been continuing to check mine. I live and work in the neighborhood, and mostly walk to work provided I’m not working really early or really late.

        My eyes are opening to the level of crime that goes unreported (the handful of concerning characters who try to shoplift from my employer a few times a week). I feel like I am also seeing more people around who I perceive to be hard drug users.

        I think our challenge as a community is to try to hold our elected officials accountable to workable solutions. I think it will take a multi-faceted approach (affordable housing regulations, relaxing regulations around DADUs, creative solutions such as Nickelsvilles to help those who are truly down on their luck; increased funding for SPD for hiring/training officers for neighborhood beats to have more of a presence in the neighborhood) but these things take time, money and compromise. We keep demanding solutions yesterday because we are afraid today, and these divisions make it harder to work together effectively for tomorrow.

        Hopefully we can try to work with the people with the most power to help instead of waging war against them (eg unruly attendees at public meetings that make it impossible for the people who want to have reasonable discussions with MOB to do so), and put our energy into the real guts of community building to make our community *feel* less scary.

        My $0.02.

    1. Ballard North had 18 robberies in 2013. It had only 13 in 2018. Car thefts went from 92 to 73.

      Your neighborhood, B2 (which I incorrectly called B1 earlier, though the conclusion doesn’t change) went from a total of 1115 crimes in 2013 to 1061 in 2018, which means with population growth, the crime rate declined 18%.

      Do you know that areas below 60th, west of 14th, the population has grown by over 70%? Census Tract 47 Block Group 3, +73.6% Census Tract 47 Block Group 4, +77.6%. That’s where all those tall apartments have gone up. It’s a huge population spike. Ballard South B1 had 873 total crimes in 2013, and 841 in 2018, so with over 70% population increase, the crime rate fell by 43%.

      You said it’s “nothing like it was” five years ago. There are way more people, and it has become much safer. Yet you’re terrified. Why is that? Mostly because you don’t like the looks of the people, and because shit media feeds you hype.

        1. Well, I live in the neighborhood, and grew up in Chicago – and this old gray haired lady is looking over her shoulder these days. We’ve got some rough blocks around us.

        1. You know if they somehow add 500 more crimes to the 841 that happened in Ballard B1 in the first 10 months of the year, it will still only equal, not exceed, the crime rate of five years ago?

          For the full year of 2017, B1 had 1,118 crimes, total. Meaning the crime rate declined 27.8% from 2013.

          Get it? You can’t see beyond the nose on your face. You’re terrified of the bad thing that happened one day ago and have no historical grasp of all the bad things that have been going on for years.

          1. Yep, meanwhile people have stopped reporting crimes because we don’t have enough police and their hands are tied. The break-in theft at our place last year? Not reported. But yes, believe your statistics. I’ll believe my actual on the ground facts through talking to my neighbors in person. Every one of them has experienced more crime in the last 3 years. And sorry, your generalized bullshit stats can’t counter that.

          2. I live in that tract and have called in 5 property crimes the past 3 years or so. Two broken car windows. Some tools stolen out of my back yard. My mailbox and door damaged (attempted break in I think) and oddly a portion of my fence and a bush all hacked up. (I noticed a huge 20 lb piece of my bush was next to an RV 2 days later)

            The cops came out only for the mailbox and front door damage. Every single time, 911 tells me to call the non-emergency number, which then instructs me to fill out a police report online.

            I have also checked the SPD website crime map, and ZERO of my reports have showed up. ZERO.

          3. They figured out you’re a loon who sends them on snipe hunts. They’re not going to rush out and arrest someone for walking past your house while black.

            911 keeps a list of all the loons. You’re on the list. Look at all the loony antics you pull here on this neighborhood blog. Everyone knows you’re a squirrel who makes shit up and pretends to be 19 different people. The cops can see who you are same as anyone.

            You reap what you sow, socky.

          4. When me and my neighbors meet with SPD 6 years ago because we had something like 22 car prowls in 5 blocks over a 2 week period, the SPD officer who came out explicitly told us to call 911. The officer said that it helps SPD to get accurate crime data, and that we should report any theft or property damage to 911. Calling 911 5 times in 3 years is not a loon.

            I live a few blocks from the Gilman Playground – and have lived in my house for 11 years. I also have a wife and 2 kids.

            Maybe you live in some safer area of Ballard and like to shit on us who deal with all the homeless people on a daily basis.

          5. Actually the rate of unreported crime was much, much higher in the past. That’s a fact I just made up, and you can’t disprove it. See how easy it is to make up facts that nobody can disprove?

            Your “actual on the ground facts ” is nothing but narcissistic naval gazing. You think you’re special. You think what happens to you is more important than what happens to other people.

            That’s why what happened last week two blocks away seems like the biggest event in history. Every neighborhood pretends they’re the biggest victims in history so that the city will pull resources away from all the others and give them extra special help.

            The statistics don’t give a shit who you are. That’s why we know they don’t lie. Statistics don’t care, and they don’t have any axed to grind.

          6. Go read the crime statistics report that SPD gives to the city council twice a year. Turn to the back of the report and read all of the footnotes.

            I agree with you that statistics don’t like — but do realize that the crime report OMITS property damage under $250. It says it exactly on the report.

            I also don’t think we are the worst neighborhood, but do think that everywhere along the ship canal (N and S) has seen a gigantic increase in property crimes over the last 10 years.

    1. Yep. Let that racist flag fly. It’s Trump time isn’t it! You guys crawl right on out in the sunlight and flaunt that shit.

      Nazis are still bad. Very, very bad.

    1. I was thinking it is highly probably JBWHTEVERTHEFK is, in fact, elenchos, who probably got booted off this forum. And, yes, as noted in my post above SPD took some dude at The Commons off in cuffs earlier today. How else would one describe an obvious characteristic – just as the perpetrators of the crime against this Samaritan were alleged to “white,” this guy was black. So what – no racist animus there, just an objective statement that elenchos (alterego JBWHEEVERTHEFK), finds offensive.

      1. Agree — the rant about me using “Actually” was one of ellenos nachos favorite rants. I also want to slap the “fake” person around a little.

  9. Huh.
    So the permanent RV camps near the City Light Substation resulted in violent crime. How shocking, said no one with a functioning brain. I’m sure the NRA is to blame for this somehow.
    Pretty vague description “young males”. Nice work!

  10. Respect to the victim and his intentions, but DO NOT chase armed people – especially if unarmed yourself. I’m not sure what he hoped to accomplish. Also, these vandals ATTEMPTED TO MURDER him. Knife wounds can be lethal very easily. So, we had an ATTEMPTED MURDER in Ballard, not “something that just happened” as per the usual progressive a-causal anti-logic. Anybody who would cut somebody that quickly has likely done it before.

    Nice work, Social Justice Tumors! These are the people you want us to pay (even more) to subsidize! Keep blaming Trump, Seattle.

  11. I was standing outside Substation when this occurred. Two guys chased the two suspects down as they attempted to flee. The 34-year old dude was pretty big and covered in tattoos. We thought they were playing around at first, but then they started to fight. It looked like one of the suspects got punched once. The big guy had a bat and ended up getting stabbed. He came over asking for help, but we were apprehensive at first since he was holding the bat. The door guy at Substation ended up calling for an ambulance. Once we realized he was actually hurt, we let him use a phone to call his wife. Cops came quickly and made sure the big guy was okay and did a good job calming him down. Suspects were long gone by then.

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