Neighborhood Street Fund applications open for transportation improvements

The next round of funding for neighborhood street improvement projects is coming up, and the city is asking residents to apply by Nov. 19.

Projects can include anything transportation related, such as sidewalk repairs, pedestrian crossing improvements, or bike safety projects. Past projects in Ballard include the Holman Rd and 13th Ave NW signal and the five-way intersection near West Woodland Elementary at 3rd Avenue NW, NW 56th Street, and NW 55th Place.

Funding for the Neighborhood Street Fund program comes from the Levy to Move Seattle for transportation-related projects, and includes $24 million over nine years with approximately $4 million for the next three-year cycle (2019 – 2021).

The Seattle Department of Transportation will narrow down the suggested projects through a community ranking system — over the next few months, residents will have the opportunity to score projects based on needs and wants for that community. Then, concept designs will be developed for the feasible projects, which will eventually be voted on by the public.

Between five and 10 projects will be selected with help from the Move Seattle Levy Oversight Committee, which SDOT says will, “emphasize equitable distribution of projects and funding”. Applications are due on Nov. 19. Projects will be selected next summer, and then will be designed and built in 2020 and 2021. For more information or to apply, click here.

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    He just wants to complain about it. Obviously he can complain about the fact that they are repairing the sidewalk. If they were not repairing the sidewalk. well, he’d complain about that. You mentioned bikes. There’s something to complain about. Just the fact that they exist, even

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      2. Well, you got yourself a really biiiitc hy article there, I’ll grant you that. I hope you don’t think that op-ed is about SDOT or the Neighborhood Street fund? It’s not. You have complained before (like when are you not complaining, right?) about SDOT not doing something about crime and junkies and things. Maybe you’re still confused about what their job is. Look up what SDOT is. You’re in for surprises.

        Anyway, you seem pleased about finding the Times’ whiny opinion section. It’s bursting with bitccccchy articles? isn’t it? Beeeech beech beeeeeeeetch. That’s out Seattle Times! They do complain about STDOT sometimes. I bet if you kept looking you’d find an op-ed crying and whining about SDOT, which would at least be related to this topic.

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            The bitching the fighting, the bs people post we can all see through it, can I get to the more intelligent comments please? We all get something needs to be done, there are a lot of trials gone on the city. That’s called being PROGRESSIVE, we try! we fail! We try something else, where as just calling them ALL “junkies” with no bases of their situation is frustrating to see, these people are all different and some are junkies yes but some are hard on their luck, need assistance case by case.

            There are issues surrounding being too helpful as well, people are moving from other states and counties to our city because we have pretty good programs, free cell phones, meals, beds, houses. We as a collective people in this country need to address this crisis in most of our major cities across the nation!

          2. Well said, well said, names and labels are dividing this country and so many on this site continue to drive the wedge deeper. Yes I’m tired of the filth and vermin but as Real said, you can’t lump everyone into a nice neat package so it can be labeled and pointed at as an example.

            “It is not enough to be compassionate. You must act.” Dalai Lama

  2. “Projects can include anything transportation related, such as sidewalk repairs, pedestrian crossing improvements, or bike safety projects”

    how about basic stuff like keeping streets clean, paving where needed, patching potholes on bus routes (the buses tear up the streets pretty bad.), timing traffic lights/

  3. The west side of 80th (well, really, it’s the middle of the road where the dividing stripes are) from Larsen’s all the way down to almost 65th really needs to be repaved!

  4. In Ballard you have to cross the street at your own risk no matter if there is nice bright white cross strips . It only attracts those BMW and Subaru drivers listening to folkter music to block your path way…..Really Ballard what can you improve ? How about coming up with strict street safe laws like they do in Las Vegas ,and go ahead and drive up and on top of a cross walk strip over there and get a fat fine or U turn or driving across a side walk like I seen today going around the corner of 15th NW and 85st. Frigging hipster dumb@#$ !

  5. Being serious, why do Seattlites have to request in a lottery that their sidewalks be repaired? In most cities the city government accepts that as their responsibility, since sidewalks lie within the public ROW, not on private property. Where I use to live, the city would come around on a regular basis and fix sidewalks and repair streets. How does Seattle get away with this malfeasance?

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