Nordic Museum to celebrate Julefest this weekend

The 41st annual Julefest celebration is this weekend at the Nordic Museum.

On Saturday and Sunday (Nov. 17 – 18) the museum will become a winter wonderland, with Nordic treats, Juletide cocktails in the Valhalla Beer Garden, and a huge craft fair with goods from local artists. They’ll also have the recent addition of the Norwegian sleigh, and of course, the opportunity to meet Santa.

There will be Norwegian traditional winter treats and drinks such as vínarterta, lefse (soft Norwegian flatbread), æbleskiver(spherical Danish pancakes), and glögg, a hot spiced wine. Goodies2Go will be at the festival, selling krumkake (Norwegian waffle cookie), rosettes (Norwegian and Swedish deep-fried, cookie-like pastry) Julekake (Norwegian Christmas bread) and more.

There will be live music throughout each day including the Norwegian Ladies Chorus, Karusellen, TinnFelen, Poulsbo Leikerringen, The Winter Band, Metro Gnomes, the Norwegian Male Chorus, and more (full music line-up here).

Tickets for Julefest are $7 — for an additional $5, visitors can also tour The Vikings Begin exhibit.

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