Seahawks recognize BHS football player, award $1000 to school’s athletic department

Joshua Villarino isn’t just a football player — he’s also a martial artist and musician, and the first male dancer in the history of Ballard High School’s dance team.

As a talented and kicker/punter for BHS, Villarino has organized a kicking and punting workshop for kids in his community. Another passion is aviation — he’s a student pilot and youth mentor in the Red-Tailed Hawks Flying Club, and he volunteers for the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce during community events.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Villarino has been named athlete of the week by the Seattle Seahawks, a recognition which includes a $1000 grant for the Ballard high athletic department.

The Seahawks will present the award to Villarino during an in-school presentation on Friday, Nov. 30 and also at the Dec. 2 Seahawks home game against the 49ers. Along with the school grant, he’ll get tickets and sideline passes to a Seahawks game, a customized football, and a customized 2018 Seahawks jersey.

Villarino is the final recipient of the Seahawks Athlete of the Week award this year — they’ve gifted $10,000 to local schools since the start of the season.

18 thoughts to “Seahawks recognize BHS football player, award $1000 to school’s athletic department”

  1. Good for him! Glad he’s being recognized. He’s doing more for the community then 90% of commenters on this blog. (Myself included.)

    1. Football causes brain damage. Facts.

      This guy is a great talent and respect to him, but getting kids into football now, with what we know about brain injuries is pretty crazy – especially considering how (rightfully) concerned we are about drugs and firearms.

        1. I’m suggesting kids not bash their heads together. I know everyone worships the Seahawks but this isn’t a radical idea. Kids aren’t tough anymore because few fathers are around as role models. This isn’t a new problem, unfortunately, and has only gotten worse now that the family court system and this “toxic masculinity” garbage has chased them off.

          Still, bashing heads together is quite literally the worse thing you can do to developing brains. Not a radical idea here.

          1. It’s the peopel who talk about toxic masculinity and that other crap that are bashing football

          2. Dude, feminism 3.0 is cancer but head injuries are a real thing.

          3. I love football and have watched every Seahawks game since I was a kid in the 70s and yet can tell you that you are wrong Floyd. Even diehard football and boxing fans are smart enough to know the impacts of the sports they love. There are some pretty scary studies coming out about youth brain development and how it’s changed by repeated blows to the head. At least consider learning about the science behind the person’s comments above before dismissing them, it has zero to do with people that talk about toxic masculinity or the social implications of football, it’s about the physical changes it makes on kid’s brains:

        2. My kids are all pretty tough. They don’t play football or basketball.
          But they do play hockey. Maybe your idea of toughness needs to be redefined

          1. Hockey is great, I love going to T-Birds games down in the new Kent arena. I feel like hockey is bigger than ever right now.

      1. This child and his family are part of our community. Perhaps instead of lecturing them on social media, you could have left your message at “he has great talent and you respect him.”

  2. He started his Freshman year as a QB, DB, Free Safety and then found out about CTE, so he decided to specialize in the Kicking and Punting. He knows the issues with football and with his talents and abilities I don’t hold him back and you see how far he has gone. Even Martial Arts competively you do get hit in the head. We always have discussion on things he wants to a try out new things and the risk.

  3. Congratulations, Joshua! This is such an amazing accomplishment and shows your dedication and passion. Have a terrific time at the game on Sunday!!!!

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