4-story, 21-unit apartment building planned for one lot on 15th

Another small-efficiency dwelling unit is in the works for 15th Ave NW.

A Land Use Application has been submitted to allow a 4-story, 21-unit apartment building with retail and services — on the size of one lot. According to the application, the building will have 18 small efficiency dwelling units and three apartment units. Parking for four vehicles is proposed.

The lot is located at 7711 15th Ave NW, where a 2,288 sq. ft. condo, built in 1960, currently stands. 

The Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections will accept written comments on the application through Dec. 19. Comments can be emailed to PRC@seattle.gov or mailed to Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections, ATTN: Public Resource Center, PO Box 34019, Seattle, Washington 98124-4019.

30 thoughts to “4-story, 21-unit apartment building planned for one lot on 15th”

    1. Shane is completely correct. The city is full and we should exclude anyone from moving here, especially from foreign countries. Our infrastructure can’t support it.

      These people who move in from foreign countries and use OUR AMERICAN sewers are a plague.

        1. Haha it’s always the whitey people with German/Scandi names calling people racists.
          A fave pastime of Seattle white people is calling other white people racists – ya know all those filthy people doing the actual eeew labor jobs – while they busy themselves gentrifying the place with rainbow flags and dog moms and doing Stuff White People Like ™. North Face, indeed!

      1. You want people to move here? Fine. Make THEM pay for it, not the rest of us. Do like most other cities do and assess impact fees for new developments that require things like sewer upgrades. Theres no reason others should be forced to pay for some developer’s project.

    2. Shane– the infrastructure can handle things just fine. There’s a 10″ pipe that runs through the middle of the street (you can look at the side sewer cards online).
      This is 15th Avenue– lots of other development going on. In fact the road in front of this place has been torn-up for some time– maybe they’re increasing some capacity.

      My main point being– do you really think no one is thinking about this? I’ve heard similar “the sewer can’t handle all these new people” arguments before and they’re always moot

    1. Mr. Sockpuppet, I’m truly flattered that you have such a major crush on me that you would Sockpuppet as me, but at least try to match my writing style!


      1. In fact, I’m so flattered I’m going to offer you a free Sockpuppet Write Like Truth class. Call me to schedule, sweetie!

        XOXO (mean it!),

    1. Been saying just this for years now. Walk the walk and start something here by having these brave social justice fools sign something stating “I will NOT own ANY motorized vehicles while residing in said building”? These jerks aren’t afraid to be in or faces with many other agendas, so where is this? Or, is it much more fun to blame and demand everybody else do it first? Do we really need government mandating this simple idea? . Same with licensing bikes. Right in our faces and a slam dunk. Revenue enhancing!

      1. Just do more zoned parking areas and deny RPZ stickers to newcomers. Hand out say, one sticker per 1,000 feet in lot size, so the typical 5,000′ lot gets five stickers. If you come here and you know you’re moving into a building with no on site parking, then you already know what you’re getting into. And if the city’s going argue that everyone will just happily ride the bus or bike everywhere in the rain, then let’s hold them to it.

        Developers shouldn’t get away with externalizing infrastructure needs like sewer and parking capacity onto the surrounding neighborhood. The urbanists will of course complain that this is unfair to newcomers. But they want us to make room for others, and they want to kick people out of their cars, so they should be happy with it.

        1. Or…hear me out…we don’t make any more laws that significantly favor homeowners who are fortunate enough to have boatloads of capital?

          1. “boatloads of capital?”
            Commie detected. Beware cat dander and violent attacks on rational thought.

    2. while i agree the parking situation is going to get worse…your solution is terrible. are you going to ban homeowners from parking on the street? you either ban for all or for none. in reality we need more parking.

      1. If we ban parking we won’t need parking. If we elect only women, there will be no violence.
        If we stopped eating meat, we could save the planet.
        If I had no dick I would be a better person.

  1. Don’t forget – different tenants for the same apartment, one during the day and one at night. That will instantly double the density!

  2. The current building has been mostly unoccupied for a couple of years (save for being a vacation rental), covered in graffiti in the front. and piled with trash and junk in the alley in the back. I actually think the new apartments going in will look so much better, especially with an actual company managing it that’ll need to keep the outside looking nice inline with the high rents that they’ll likely be charging.

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