Hit and run suspect chased through Ballard backyards, arrested by police

A man is in custody after a hit and run in which he pulled a knife on the victim.

According to Mark Jameson from the Seattle Police, the vehicle collision happened at roughly 1:30pm near NW 73rd St and 12th Ave NW. He says police were called after the suspect hit the victim’s vehicle, and after a brief confrontation, brandished a knife. The suspect then took off on foot, running through the yards of nearby houses.

Jameson says police were able to locate the suspect within a few blocks of where the incident first took place.

Members of the My Ballard Group on Facebook reported that as of 4:20pm, 13th Ave NW was still closed off.

There were no injuries, but there was some property damage as a result of the hit and run. Officers arrested the man, and police are still on the scene investigating.


21 thoughts to “Hit and run suspect chased through Ballard backyards, arrested by police”

  1. Perhaps it was one of our lovely, drug-addicted, “guests” that local politicians have been so welcoming of. Seattle is becoming a very scary place.

  2. Perhaps I’m late to the party but have any of you considered pooling together, taking matters into your own hands and hiring private armed security for your neighborhoods? Obviously the SPD is far too understaffed to do what they were sworn to do.

    1. Some residents of Magnolia organized a private security program for their neighborhood and at least a couple things went wrong:

      * Some neighbors were very upset that the service had been organized in the first place
      * One of the security guards got over-efficient, shall we say, and ended up pepper spraying and assaulting an innocent, long-time neighborhood resident.

      What I take from this is:

      * While no proposal gets 100% support, especially in a city as highly anxious (for various good and not so good reasons) about law enforcement, hiring private security should be done with a maximum of neighbor buy-in. This keeps neighbors more at peace with one another and spreads the expense over a wider base, increasing the affordability.
      * Choosing the right vendor is critical. The company in question in the Magnolia incident turned out to have employees – including the guard in Magnolia – with previous offenses/arrests for bad behavior. Careful screening of vendors needs to be part of any neighborhood consideration, to the extent that screening can even be done.

      The urge to enhance protection and safety in an environment of ineffective policing is tempting. Short of a full-on assault on health and safety, though, my own lean would be toward strong neighborhood watch programs that activate neighbors to be vigilant versus armed security. Too much can go wrong just to save a package. Don’t get me wrong, if I see someone waltzing off with one of my packages, I will take every sane effort to halt that theft, but no one deserves a bullet in or bat upside their head for stealing my kitty litter delivery.

      My two cents (or is it more like a quarter?).

    2. THAT would just exacerbate the elitist scent of all the money flowing into the city. I would prefer to keep an eye out for our neighbors personally… along with the support of #SPD.

      PS – I despise “GATED” communities.

      1. I don’t blame the rich for living in gated communities. I blame liberals for ruining the working neighborhoods by subsidizing junkies, single mommery (crime stats don’t care about your feelings), and pushing sanctuary city stupidity which has turned parts of the West Coast into a 3rd World Hellhole. Only liberals would eliminate borders and neuter police during a narcotics epidemic then blame the rich for wanting to keep their women safe.

  3. Running through yards after brandishing a knife certainly tells me this wasn’t someone from the neighborhood. Any info on the type of vehicle the perp was driving? Was it registered? Current tabs and plates? It could have been a porch pirate.

  4. Individual was arrested on 14th Ave NW after hiding in my neighbors backyard— he was very calm in handcuffs while being questioned by police— was surprised by that.

  5. Hope he gets a big hug from Dan Satterburg and can be back getting lunch at St Luke’s in a few days.

    Remember: property is theft, everything is a social construct, and taxpaying workers are to blame for everything unless they drape themselves in rainbow flags or parrot NPR “facts”.

      1. Umm, you liberals are the bong people. Sorry. And you couldn’t manage the legal pot thing in Seattle without bringing in the army of junkie losers and inadvertently proving all the anti-weed people right. Dumb Squared.

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