Tractor Tavern celebrates 25 years of live music on Ballard Ave

One of Ballard’s busiest music venues is kicking their 25th anniversary this weekend.

Tractor Tavern, which opened in 1994 in the middle of Ballard Ave, is hosting two shows this weekend as part of their anniversary: tonight’s will be the The Paperboys with Tonye Aganaba, and tomorrow night (Saturday) The Paperboys will play again, but accompanied by Michael Ashe. Both shows will start at 8pm, and tickets are $20.

Tractor’s marketing manager Leigh Bezezekoff said this weekend will be the first of 25 shows over the course of the year that will be in honor of the Tractor’s history. This weekend’s act, The Paperboys, have been playing at the Tractor since it opened.

Bezezekoff said they’ve also started the hast tag #tt25 for fans and artists to post photos and videos of the Tractor over the past 25 years so they can compile a collection.

“It’ll be a way to share memories, and celebrate the institution that is the Tractor Tavern,” Bezezekoff said.

Photo by Scott Holpainen

12 thoughts to “Tractor Tavern celebrates 25 years of live music on Ballard Ave”

    1. Most live venue bathrooms are disgusting. If this offends you, I suggest you try something more your speed, like bingo or perhaps the Met Opera.

  1. Used to have a great country scene there. Now it’s all twee hipster folk and assorted garbage.
    I’m a big fan of the Soyboys, though. Great band!

    1. The Tractor Tavern hasn’t changed, you have. Now you are just old, irrelevant, uptight, have a giant stick up your ass, and wish everything was the way it used to be.

      1. Huh. Ageism. Homophobic/homosexual threats (stick up my ass?)
        And no, in fact you soyboys are the uptight ones: no smoking, no flirting, no meat, getting everyone banned because your mommy told you the world was bad because of people who make you think. Grow up.

          1. surlyaf knows precisely what troll means, and uncle buck couldn’t fit the definition better. and as for triggered, per urban dictionary: Getting filled with hate after seeing, hearing or experiencing something you can’t stand.

            Ding ding, we have a match.

          2. All they did was respond, I didn’t see anyone filled with hate.

            Triggered is what people do when they freak out that Louis CK did stand-up in some hole-in-the-wall club.

          3. Making accusations, calling names, and throwing around insults is exactly what lil bucky did – which = hate.
            You’re doing a fine job of fitting the definition of trolling as well. Have a lovely day.

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