The Sneakery to close after 13 years of business

The longstanding shoe store at 612 NW 65th St, The Sneakery, is closing down after 13 years.

The news was first posted in the My Ballard Group by member Robert Fletcher, who said they’re dropping prices on all their inventory and selling the artwork off the walls.

A bartender who works at Molly Maguires next door confirmed the news, and said the owners told him they would be closing at the end of March, when their lease is up.

The owners posted on Facebook that everything is 20 percent off, and they’ve cut their hours way back: they’re only open on the weekends now — Fridays and Saturdays from 11am to 7pm, and Sundays 12pm to 6pm.

There used to be a second Sneakery location in West Seattle at the Junction, which according to the West Seattle Blog, closed down in 2015 after four years in business there.

No official word yet from the owners on their final weekend — we’ll update when we hear back from the owners.

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I bet these people are somewhat happy they’re about done here, in Seattle. So many hurdles owning/running a business. All that and then there’s Bezos’ little company. Hello Mom + Pop, I miss you.

Uncle Buck
Uncle Buck

Yep. Seattle has become its own antithesis.