Ballard stocks up for the snow

Friday AM update: Several stores, including Ballard Market, have been restocking overnight and into this morning. But as you might expect, the lines are still long.

Earlier: With the snow apocalypse upon us, Ballard is stocking up in the last remaining hours before the big event. Which, well, should be a big event, but you never know.

This is the scene at Ballard Market this Thursday evening, courtesy of Silver aka Laura Miller in the My Ballard Facebook Group.

“I’m at Ballard Market at 8 pm,” she writes. “Parking lot full. Out of Bailey’s and Kahlua, eggs, bread, some fancy chocolate bars. Send help!”

Not all the shelves are empty – wait, there’s some Reuben’s left!?

For some reason, Ballard loves its cilantro carrots. And meat, of course.

The lines are certainly long, stretching way down the aisles. Same at Safeway, right down the street.

Timing-wise, the snow is due around 1 pm-ish. Then everyone hunkers down for the long winter. Which should be over on Sunday – unless a new storm on Monday has anything to say about it.

The current forecast for this storm is 4-8 inches in our neck of the woods.

Basically a normal day in Minnesota. Stay safe, Ballard.

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