Ballard Loft closes suddenly after 11 years

Update (4/11): Ballard Loft owner Dan Murphy responded to My Ballard’s request for more details, and says the business had been struggling for awhile.

“We have had a rough few years and tried to pull out as many tricks as I could to avoid this,” Murphy says. “It was our last resort of course.”

Murphy also mentioned that they sent a detailed email to staff about the closure, and that the text message was sent to employees to alert them to check their emails. He said he’s also been helping some staff members find new jobs.

“I don’t think there’s really any good time or a good way to bring news like this,” he says.

Original (4/10): After 11 years on Ballard Ave, Ballard Loft is closing their doors.

The owners, Dan and Erin Murphy, shared the news on Facebook yesterday.

“We are saddened to inform you that after 11 years and 3 months, the Ballard Loft is now closed until further notice (effective immediately),” they write.

It seem the employees weren’t given much notice — a line cook says he learned about the closure from a text message.

“Thank you to all our patrons who have supported the bar – it’s been wonderful to serve you and enjoy your company over these years,” the owners write. “We have collected so many great memories over the years and hope that you all have as well.”

We’ve reached out to the owners to learn more — we’ll update if we get any new information.

3 thoughts to “Ballard Loft closes suddenly after 11 years”

  1. Too bad, I’ve been going to this place since it opened. Sports games, trivia night, post-intramural sports hangout and just general going out. Their food menu was great until about 5 years ago, when they revamped and shrunk their food menu. The new menu just wasn’t that good and I definitely went there less because of that reason. Drinks prices were reasonable, especially considering the location.

    Hopefully the current owners or new owners can figure something out and get the Loft back open. Ballard needs sports bars!

    1. I’m actually a bit shocked you didn’t use this as a soapbox/dance-on-the-grave opportunity to bash their support for a non-Shilshole “missing link” bike trail. But I guess even you are human enough to have a favorite bar. Cheers for the nice post.

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