Poulet Galore to open in Old Ballard in August

Poulet Galore‘s new location in Ballard is starting to take shape in the former Volterra location (5411 Ballard Ave).

Created by chef Josh Henderson, Poulet Galore used to operate as a walk-up fried-chicken spot in South Lake Union. Because it was intended to cater to the Amazon campus, it was only busy at lunchtime. After business hours, it was too quiet to sustain the restaurant, and Henderson chose to close it in 2017.

The Ballard location is looking to be bigger, with a sit-down portion of the restaurant and patio. Right now it’s being completely gutted, as you can see in the photos above.

Poulet Galore tells My Ballard that they’re aiming to be open by August, but in the meantime, you may be able to sample their food at the Ballard Farmer’s Market — follow the restaurant on Instagram for updates.

Photo: Poulet Galore on Instagram

8 thoughts to “Poulet Galore to open in Old Ballard in August”

    1. I don’t know what their prices will be at the new store but at the old location you could get 1/2 roasted chicken with 2 sides for $16. It easily feeds two people and is a decent nosh but not a meal for 3 or 4. It seems pretty reasonably priced for any Seattle eatery.

  1. I really wish it was something a bit more upscale, that patio is a perfect place for happy hour with some drinks and snacks.

    Also, holy hashtags Batman! More hashtags than words.

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