Magnum Self Storage property sells for $11.5m

The Magnum Self Storage property on Shilshole has just sold for $11.5 million, according to the Seattle DJC.

Commercial real estate agency Kidder Mathews had listed the property on their website as the Ballard Magnum Offering, which includes the two-story 63,240 sq. ft. Magnum warehouse plus an adjacent 4,650 sq. ft. parking lot on Ballard Ave NW.* According to public records, the buyer is Callanan Family Associates from Florida.

The owners of Magnum Self Storage, who opened the facility in the 1970s, announced their plans to sell back in March.

“We want to retire,” co-owner Mike Hall told My Ballard in March. They notified their 500 customers that their last day would be July 4th.

No word yet on the fate of the property, but we’ll keep you updated when we learn more.

Rendering by Kidder Mathews

*Correction: The original version of this story incorrectly stated Kidder Mathews as the buyer.

14 thoughts to “Magnum Self Storage property sells for $11.5m”

    1. Isn’t it zoned IG 2? I don’t think they can build residential/hotel. Commercial would still be ok…I’m guessing an office complex.

    2. Yesssss! That would be best case scenario. Retail on ground level. Cloudburst’s new spot couldn’t be in a better location.

  1. “We want to retire”. Yes, retire and get the F out of SF north. I think this $$ will allow this, and more, and the rest of us left here won’t be able to see/feel the sun, due to expansion of everything.

    1. Okay guy, I get that you hate the growth that is happening and the changes are not to your liking, I’m with you on a good bit of that. But you also hate the Seafood Festival (etc) because of drivers, and you hate Night Out because your neighbors are boring and they let their trees drop things in your yard, and you hate… well, it’s a pretty long list.

      Here is what I don’t understand, from one curmudgeon to another, why don’t you sell your house and move? I totally understand being cranky about things but you have passed the cranky stage and moved into the Ruing Your Life zone. Honestly, it concerns me and I’m not being snarky. I have never seen anyone who has so much negativity towards everything from new street markings to new restaurants. It isn’t healthy.

        1. Honestly it is. I disagree with Paintking on a lot of subjects but I also like him and do agree with him often. I’m concerned because unhappiness, discontent and negativity eats away at a person. I’ve seen it in others and I fight those traits in myself constantly.

          1. Too bad it wasn’t named. ”Inslee for President”. Then nobody would buy it!

        1. Awwww.
          If you’re gonna get pissy every time a marginal presidential candidacy collapses you’re in for a miserable summer.
          Try to avoid personal attacks.

  2. Author has the buyer wrong. The buyer is Callanan Family Associates LLC with potential additional investment from additional developers (based in Florida and Illinois). Brokerages don’t typically purchase development properties like this.
    Otherwise, thanks for the update! I was wondering when and how much this would sell for!
    I hope it’s developed into something that our community can get behind. I think we can all agree that we have enough microunits with no storage, parking or character!

  3. My friends here in Las Vegas here still laughing at the post here…..poor people of Ballard ….weeeeeeeeeee. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee auuuughhhhhhhhh !

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