The Junk Drawer opens on Market St

Ballard has a new bar on NW Market St, where you can peruse vintage goods while sipping a beer.

It’s called the The Junk Drawer (1713 NW Market St), and is part-bar, part-collector’s paradise.

“We have been hatching this plan for 13 years, and are so excited to finally bring our ideas to life,” the owners write on their website.

They sell vintage goods in all sizes, types and ages, they say, with a focus on items from the 40s through the 80s. “Mid-century furniture and barware, books of all genres, music of all platforms, clothing of all sizes, and a little or a lot of everything else.”

The beer list mimics the vintage decor, with just a few options by the can: Rainier, Hamm’s, PBR, Coors, and the like. They have a daily happy hour from 3pm to 6pm, with $1 off select beers (here’s the full beer list HH schedule).

“We were both raised with an appreciation for the discarded, outdated and salvageable. Whether it be pulling the car over to rescue a perfectly good wrench, pair of gloves, fishing pole… or hitting up the swap meet on the way to school, a love of junk is ingrained in our psyche,” the owners write.

Junk Drawer is 21+ and open Wednesday to Sunday, 12pm to 8pm, with late nights (9pm) on Friday and Saturday.

Photos from The Junk Drawer’s website

3 thoughts to “The Junk Drawer opens on Market St”

  1. Hey, thanks for the shoutout, My Ballard!! We are so excited to create a laid back joint where folks can have a beer and a chat, and hopefully find a new treasure! Looking forward to meeting more of our neighbors :)

  2. My friend told me 1 time he got so drunk he sold his Buick. Perhaps after a few beers an old couch starts to look pretty good! A 1 at 10:00 and a 10 at 2:00! Welcome guys!

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