Pedestrian injured by motorist, police investigating

Police are investigating after a woman was hit by a motorist in the 6700 block of Aurora Ave N, next to Green Lake, at 5pm on Monday evening.

The pedestrian, an adult female, was transported to a local hospital and is being treated for serious injuries.

Police say that drug recognition officers were on scene to evaluate the adult male motorist for signs of impairment, and that the case remains an active and ongoing investigation.

9 thoughts to “Pedestrian injured by motorist, police investigating”

    1. It was a runner on a pedestrian path around the lake. The car jumped the curb and hit her from behind. But way to stick your neck out there and blame the victim. You’re a real hero.

      1. He’s just a foot soldier fighting in his delusional “War on Cars”. I’m sure he still thinks the car driver is the victim here.

    2. Yeah and drivers need to pull their heads out of their backsides and pay attention to their driving. They also need to realize that under WA state law ***ALL*** intersections are legally considered to be crosswalks. Also in the majority of car/pedestrian and car/cyclist crashes it’s the motorist who is found to be at fault.

      1. Just because all intersections are considered crosswalks doesn’t justify this trend of the past year or two of pedestrians and cyclists treating streets as if they are in charge of them.

        The attitude that cars should stop at the whim of pedestrians and cyclists is not only dangerous but environmentally unsound.

        Every time a car is forced to come to a stop material is worn off of the brakes. That material ends up in the surrounding environment and despite the manufacturers claims to the contrary, that shed material is not good for the air or the water, which is where it ends up.

        Every time a car is forced to come to a stop to allow an overly entitled indiviual to cross, it needs to get back up to speed which requires more gas and releases more emissions into the air than if that pedestrian or cyclist had waited a second or two to allow the vehicle to pass unhindered.

        I was taught from an early age to look left, then right and then left again before crossing a street, REGARDLESS of my mode of travel (on foot, bike or car). Now I’m seeing parents with young children just casually walking out in the street with their kids with zero attempt to even check for oncoming traffic. Nice lesson to teach a child.

        It takes maybe a second or two for a car to pass through an intersection, but the damage caused by the frequent stops caused by self entitled non vehicle drivers lasts much longer.

        1. Milkdrop — Maybe folks should consider this when choosing their mode of travel and choose to walk, bike, or use transit when appropriate. Or purchase a lighter weight electric vehicle. If the self entitled would choose other transportation options more often, that would make a much more significant impact than changing the behavior of pedestrians.

          And I’m not sure what’s so self entitled about the expectation that drivers generally obey the law. Shouldn’t that be amongst our most basic expectations?

        2. Stop for pedestrians at intersections – Vehicles shall stop at intersections to allow pedestrians and bicycles to cross the road within a marked or unmarked crosswalk (RCW 46.61.235). See Washington’s Crosswalk Law for more information.

          This is the law in Washington. You may not like it, but that is the law. It is not the sudden desire or unusual change of mind of a pedestrian or cyclist that this law doesn’t exist.

          1. I’m not surprised by the sentiments posted here.

            Typical self entitled Seattleites.

            Ignore the facts because they don’t fit your social contstructs du jour.

            This city has become a haven for weak minded individuals who prefer to have far left liberals do their thinking for them.

            I live and work in Ballard.

            Maybe next time one of you self entitled aholes forces me to slam on my brakes at the last second which causes all of the inventory that I carry in my LARGE WORK VEHICLE TO spill off of the racks and end up on the floor, I’ll just be glad I didn’t make a person, on foot and just out for a stroll, stop for a brief second to let me pass.

            Drop the self righteousness and try and use not only common sense, but also an equally foreign concept in this town and especially this neighborhood, common courtesy.

            I deal with many of you in the two jobs I currently work and I’m thouroughly disgusted by the prevailing attitude of 90% of the people I deal with.

            Smugness and rampant “Its all about me” attitudes.

            Get over yourselves.

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