Arson at Valdok apartments overnight

An apparent arson emptied the Valdok apartment building at 1702 NW 56th St overnight.

The fire was first reported in the My Ballard Group by Lauri Miller, who heard on the scanner that Seattle Fire was responding to a fire alarm at Valdok at 12:30am.

Seattle Police responded alongside the fire department, and said the fire was discovered in a garbage can on the first floor of the apartment building.

The building was evacuated until SPD and SFD could do a sweep, and there was one suspected break-in during the evacuation, according to reports in the My Ballard Group.

SPD says detectives are still investigating — we’ll update with any new information.

15 thoughts to “Arson at Valdok apartments overnight”

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    2. Personally, I blame Trump. He’s definitely a closet firestarter – why do you think he’s so orange? That’s contact tanning right there!

      1. I agree. Besides, he’ll take more heat than ANYBODY local that IS responsible/culpable. Let’s just keep handing out goodies, legalize theft, make the addicts as comfortable as we can, and THEN give them a nice warm place to do their drugs. Then, when we get them all settled in, we can begin giving special lanes for drinking/drunk drivers.

    3. i will bet you a crisp $20 bill that one of the neighborhood bums did this. probably had a nice breakfast at st lukes this morning to celebrate.

      1. neighborhood bums don’t burn down their hood. have you ever talked to your neighborhood bum? they are just trying to survive

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  1. I really hope that CCTV footage exists that will identify and lead to the arrest of whoever did this. Fire alarm burglaries are a real thing…and imagine someone assuming the next alarm is a fake and not leaving while the building really IS burning. And 12:30 AM is especially cruel. I have to start work at 4:30 AM each morning and having to get up in the middle of the night would ruin my day, for sure. Really rooting for SPD here!

    1. I’m sure a new building like that has CCTV footage. Whether they chose to release it or not is dependent upon whether it fits the current city narratives.

  2. Valdok apparently gets hit a lot (I make no assumptions about who causes this specifically). A friend who lives there said they had something to the effect of a safe broken into and checks stolen

    1. Same with the Urbana down the street, there have been a bunch of fire alarms lately, apparently due to people breaking into the retail parts of the building and doing who knows what. Sounds like a similar situation.

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