Thai Siam served 600 free Christmas dinners yesterday

Thai Siam gave away 600 free Christmas dinners to those in need yesterday, a tradition that’s been going strong for 32 years.

Thai Siam tells My Ballard that between noon and 2pm, they served turkey dinners to about 350 people at the restaurant, and then delivered an additional 250 dinners to those in need.

The restaurant also gives out some hygiene items, such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, and soap to those who need it.

Thanks Rudy for posting the above photo in the My Ballard Group!

5 thoughts to “Thai Siam served 600 free Christmas dinners yesterday”

  1. Wonderful stuff, AND all without government invited, or taking $$ (or credit) from others to then hand out. No property tax hike or soda tax required. Brilliant!

    1. I was expecting you to complain about all those well-fed vagrants leaving phad thai poops in your lawn. Admirable restraint on your part. Well done. Perhaps you were visited by some Dickensian ghosts a couple nights ago?

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