Wonderland Gear Exchange moving to Fremont

The gear consignment shop on 15th Ave NW, Wonderland Gear Exchange, has found a new home in Fremont.

Wonderland Gear Exchange opened in late 2018 at 7750 15th Ave NW in what they knew would be a temporary home. The property had been sold to developers, but the landlord agreed to rent it to Wonderland for 16 months. Now, with construction looming, the owners of Wonderland have found a new home: the former Evo shop in Fremont (122 NW 36th St).

“We’re really excited about this new location. It’s certainly bittersweet to leave Ballard and Crown Hill, because that community has been incredibly supportive of us as a new business,” co-founder Ben Mawhinney tells My Ballard. “With how competitive the commercial real estate market is, we feel very fortunate to be able to stay so close by.”

Their new shop will be bigger than their current location, and Mawhinney says they’ll be “rolling out new initiatives and new programs this year now that we don’t have to worry about being in a temporary location.”

The current shop on 15th will close March 23rd, and they expect to be reopened by early April in their new spot in Fremont.

10 thoughts to “Wonderland Gear Exchange moving to Fremont”

  1. “Ballard/Crown Hill was so supportive”, that they only broke in a few times, causing loss, damage to the business as well as having to spend $$ on a security system. I wish them great success at the new location and hope they’ve properly secured their goods.

    1. “Ballard/Crown Hill was so supportive”, that they only broke in a few times…

      I think your little red hat is on a little too tight this morning, it’s clearly affecting your ability to comprehend reality.

      1. Actually, despite the hand-wringing, Paintking is correct on this one. It’s well documented (here on MyBallard if you care to research) that Wonderland was broken into multiple times right after they opened.
        I’m glad they’re able to stay close by though.

        1. I do know that they were broken into on multiple occasions. Paintking is implying that we as a neighborhood were personally responsible for the break ins. I quoted him in my original comment, but I’ll quote it here again for reference since you missed it the first time:

          “Ballard/Crown Hill was so supportive”, that they only broke in a few times…

          So I’m curious how he is correct on this. It seems more like he’s trying to shame and blame us as a neighborhood, which tends to be his standard MO. The only thing missing his standard blaming “TEH LIBRULZ” and “TEH MULLENIALZ”.

          1. Yes you quoted him, it still wasn’t clear you were giving him grief based on locale and not trying to deflect from the actual crimes that were committed to the business. You sound as triggered as he is when you try to defend yourself. Don’t worry, I’m sure Teh Librulz stand behind you! :)

          2. Nah, just pointing out his idiocracy. Glad to know he’s got a knight in shining armor to defend his honor!

  2. seems like a great move for them – 15th is a fairly depressing street for a business in my opinion. at least they had parking…

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