Here’s how you can support Ballard restaurants during phased reopening

Updated June 16: With King County in Phase 2 of the state’s phased reopening plan, many restaurants have chosen to open up following the new guidelines; 50 percent capacity indoors and 50 percent capacity outdoors.

Here’s a list of Ballard restaurants and breweries that have reopened to customers, which we’ll continue to update in the coming days and weeks:

King County has just applied to enter Phase 2, which if approved will allow up to 50 percent capacity for dining in, along with other new allowances.

If you know of other restaurants, breweries, or cafes that have reopened, let us know by emailing us at and we’ll add them to this ongoing list.

Original: Restaurants around the city are doing their best to stay afloat during the mandatory closures, many offering takeout and delivery options.

For a full list of restaurants around the city, check out the Intentionalist’s directory.

Here’s our ongoing list of Ballard restaurants, breweries, bakeries, and cafes who are open for business:

If you know of others to add to the list, email us at

Photo: Lockspot Cafe on Facebook

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  1. The Lockspot charges $12.59 for their “Ballard Burger” at those prices they can stay closed.
    Using the Lock Spot as an example of all these eateries.

  2. Shame on Miro Tea for allowing customers to sit inside and setting up their outside seating for use. THIS IS NOT HELPING. These irresponsible actions have cost having me as a customer.

    1. yep, Blue Moon Burgers on Alki set up their outdoor seating and was PACKED on two occasions last week. i emailed them and he said they were “confused” about what was acceptable. this was days after the initial order to go take-out only. they were just taking advantage of the mob scene at the beach….

      1. Millennials, are not to bright, many of them. Get their information from one source, common sense and logic are absent. We need to utilize the Draft.

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          2. OMG terryj you’re a riot! Anyone who thinks FAUX News ISN’T biased has no credibility in this discussion. Heck, even your Clueless Leader says they are!

          3. The problem with your argument is how you completely ignore the liberal biasof the past 4+ years.

            Cop to that and discussions can be had.

            Deny it and you are just another part of the problem.

          4. One Source is like One Kidney or One Lung.
            Who would do that voluntarily?

          5. It’s known as “The drive-by-media”. Remember the word “gravitas”? MSM is lazy and all repeat the same exact BS given and spoon fed to them. Think you’re informed listening to NPR? LOL. If it weren’t for airports CNN would have zero people watching it. Stop being afraid of what your friends say and begin thinking for yourself.

          6. “Stop being afraid of what your friends say and begin thinking for yourself.” Sez the guy who doesn’t make a move without consulting Sean Hannity first…

        1. Tucker Carlson @ 5:00 is a great source for information and good “news”. Sure, they have a bias. Just not as obvious as all others. It’s why they have the top 4 or 5 spots in ratings, all the time. It’s also why there are 2 Rush Limbaugh’s: the guy I’ve heard daily for 30 years, AND the guy I hear about everywhere else. It’s why 10 year old’s are now stopping at my house and flipping me off, due to my tiny Trump stickers Where’d they ALL learn this behavior?

          1. You have a comma splice after “Millennials” and you use the incorrect form of “too.” NOT TOO BRIGHT! #sad

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        2. Sounds like you’re the one that isn’t “to” bright. The first (sort of) sentence contains two bad commas and a mispelled word. The second is a fragment, not a sentence. The last one contains a bizarre incorrect capitalization. It’s OK – today’s educational system is a lot tougher than the one you grew up with.

    2. I’m sure they’re heartbroken about the loss of you as a customer.

      Honestly, you don’t come across as self entitled, AT ALL.

  3. This list is completely privileged. Not all of our neighbors can afford to dine out. Are there food banks and soup kitchens in the area open that we could add? Thanks for considering Meghan.

    1. Dining out is a luxury. So are dogs. Grocery sales are up some 25-30% as people acquaint themselves with that thing in the kitchen with knobs that gets hot occasionally.

  4. Salmon Bay Cafe has been providing great takeaway and delivery for weeks now. Please add them. I’d die if they didn’t make it. Such NICE people there and good food.

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